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Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues

Professing Buddhists by Type' Growth of the Christian Faith Evan./Total Chr. Growth Rates % Evan. Christian Evangelical Evangelical Growth 30 Years cocee 2010 1980 2010 China 7.92% 0.52% 5.70% 996.2% 1.85 South Korea 30.95% 9.94% 16.80% 69.0% 1.11 Mahayana Buddhism Cambodia 3.13% 0.04% 1.60% 3900.0% 1.15 526,891,190 Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China The fate of the individual is Thailand 1.10% 0.17% 0.50% 194.1% 2.70 interwoven with the fate of others, so clan and national loyalties are crucial. Asian Countries with Missions Sending Vision Tibetan Buddhism China and 16,642,865 South Korea, two traditionally Buddhist countries, Theravada Buddhism Reach nirvana in one lifetime, not countless rebirths - Dalai Lama as supreme ruler. 143,900,240 996.2% have seen tremendous growth in Christian faith, including a 69.0% Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Chinese 194.1%, missions zeal to reach minority groups The path to nirvana is an individual pursuit. out globally. 3900.0% These three types of Buddhism also are mixed with traditional animist beliefs resulting in Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues Understanding countless varieties of "folk" Buddhism. • South Korea sent 21,500 missionaries in 2010* • South Korea and China are in the top 5 mission sending countries* • By 2025, China may be country with most Christians in the world • China sent 20,000 missionaries in 2010* Christian Growth in Traditionally Buddhist People Groups Buddhist People Groups What to Do Buddhism is practiced by hundreds of diverse people groups across Asia. Largest Unreached Buddhist People-Groups In light of the complexity and varieties of Buddhism, most Westerners do not go beyond the common images of prayer flags, import store statues and the Dalai Lama. They overlook the mission challenge of the Buddhist world and the amazing ways God is meeting that challenge. Learn more about Buddhism through OME resources: Seek opportunities to connect with Buddhist neighbors and international students - migration has put many Buddhists in proximity to Christians. There are 3.9 million Buddhists (of all ethnic backgrounds) in North America. Japanese = 1.6% Christian Thai (Central) = 0.4% Christian Burmese = 0.1% Christian Isan (Thailand) = 0.2% Christian These are just four of the largest unreached groups, there are many more. The last 20 years have seen a wonderful growth in emphasis on missions to the Muslim world. The need is also great in Buddhist areas. Why Care God has been at work in the hearts of Praise God that he is sending believers out from every people, and pray for the fruit of South Korean and Top 10 Buddhist People Groups (by population of practicing Buddhists) Chinese missionaries. the Buddhists and through their culture for centuries, drawing them toward more than they can find in Buddhist mysteries and rituals. See the compelling story of Brother Yun on YouTube. He is a leader God used in forming a vision to carry the gospel from China. (start at 21:50) 236,912,200 Han Chinese (Mandarin) 91,545,900 Japanese God is on the move in the Buddhist world, especially through Chinese and South 54,171,500 Vietnamese Read Developing Indigenous Leaders: Lessons in Missions from Buddhist Asia, Paul H. DeNeui (editor). 34,956,400 Burmese 29,459,000 Thai, Central Koreans. 27,780,000 Han Chinese (Wu) Millions of Buddhists are still 27,262,600 Han Chinese (Cantonese) unreached, still praying to idols that cannot hear or speak. 22,694,300 Isan (Thailand) 21,103,500 Korean 18,281,900 Han Chinese, Min Nan 1. Hattaway, Peoples of the Buddhist World, 2013 (e-book), page xxiii 2. Hattaway, Peoples of the Buddhist World, 2013 (e-book), page xv (2010 projected data) 3. Operation World Enhanced eBook DVD-Rom 2010, GMI 4. Johnstone, Future of the Global Church, 2012, GMI, Figure 8.13 digital collection, data includes missionaries serving in own country as well as externally. 5. Blumberg, "China On Track To Become World's Largest Christian Country By 2025, Experts Say," 6. Hattaway, Peoples of the Buddhist World, 2013 (e-book), page xv 7. Buddhists in North America, Pew Forum Sources: Brought to you by our sponsor: MISSION Engage with us in the stories of breakthrough and the ideas that are making it happen at the frontiers of mission. FRONTIERS To find more infographics MF from GMI visit Mission Frontiers gmi DOXOLOG 06 SFA ARTS IORNGDOM

Buddhism: Beyond Prayer Flags and Statues

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The world's largest country and multiple countries that are influencing the global economy have large Buddhist communities. But many people around the world understand very little about the Buddhist r...


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