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Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty

BROKE AND BROKEN! The Psychological Effects of Poverty For the more than 40 million Americans in poverty, everyday life is a struggle – buying food, going to school, getting a job. And for a great many of them, what most people think of as simple tasks are also difficult. Let's explore the picture of poverty in the U.S. and the psychological and physical toll it takes. POVERTY IN THE U.S. 46.5 milion Americans who live below the 16 milion =1,000,000 poverty line Children living in poverty $11.490 That's the equivalent of working full time and making only about $5.50 an hour, which is far below the minimum wage. 2013 poverty line for a single person Where it's worst Percentage of residents below poverty line by state VT ME WA MT ND NH MA MN NY WI RI OR MI ст NJ DE MD ID SD PA WY IA ОН NE IL IN wV NV VA UT CA Co KS MO KY NC DC TN SC OK AR AZ NM GA MS AL TX LA FL HI AK 16%+ 13%-15.9% 11%-12.9% O Less than 11% THE BRAIN ON POVERTY Researchers have determined that the mental strain placed on a poor person is immense, affecting their ability to do well in school, to succeed at work - even to pay bills on time. 13 Points Rough IQ drop caused by poverty Decision Memory making Why? While there's much about the Poverty may affect things human mind scientists have yet to like: decode, we do know that mental processing is finite. It's the reason you think less quickly at the end of a long day. Focus Patience What does it mean? The limited brain power caused by poverty is likely to create a series of problems in handling everyday tasks. Awareness Stressed 10 Dcath Adding to the reduced mental capacity brought on by poverty, the poor also have to navigate the rigors of everyday stress, most of which are made far worse by lack of income. Top causes of stress for U.S. adults Work Health Relationships Money Loss of job, reduced retirement, medical Co-worker tension, Health Crisis, terminal or chronic illness Divorce, death of bosses, overload spouse, arguments with friends, expenses loneliness Poor nutrition Media overload Inadequate nutrition, caffeine, processed foods, refined sugars Sleep deprivation Inability to release adrenaline and other Television, radio, Internet, email, social networking stress hormones 3 的 4 Americans who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress People who cite work and money as their top causes of stress 76% Physical and psychological symptoms reported (% of those who reported physical or psychological symptoms who said they had the following symptoms) Feeling as though you could cry Headache 44% 35% Feeling nervous Feeling dizzy 45% 13% Muscle tension Teeth grinding 30% 17% Irritability or anger Change in appetite 50% 23% Upset stomach Change in sex drive 34% 15% Fatigue Lack of energy 51% 45% SOURCES - - ·

Broke and Broken? The Psychological Effects of Poverty

shared by caradelany on Jan 25
Unfortunately, poverty has become an epidemic in our society. In fact, over 46 million people face the harsh reality of poverty every day. This can have a far-reaching affect not only in their communi...




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