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Brighter Strategies For Nonprofits

THE STATE OF THE UNION of NONPROFITS MANY AMERICANS RELY ON NONPROFITS FOR HEALTHCARE, HOUSING, EDUCATION, AND MANY OTHER NECESSITIES TO LIVE A SAFE, HEALTHY, AND HAPPIER LIFE. Finding more effective and efficient ways to accomplish your mission is an essential part of achieving long term financial stability in the nonprofit sector. FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS, THERE HAS BEEN AN ANNUAL INCREASE IN THE AMOUNT OF HELP THAT PEOPLE NEED FROM NONPROFITS According to the Nonprofit Finance Fund's 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey Nonprofit Organizations (NPOS) are Facing More and More Challenges According to the Nonprofit Finance Fund's 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey 2 FLAT OR DECREASED FUNDING 1 INCREASED DEMAND FOR SERVICES NPOS are looking for new 49 ways to drive funding, as America's nonprofits are unable to meet their demand Organizations' resources 56 economic recovery across are not growing fast the nation has yet to offer enough to meet the relief to the nonprofit sector NPOS reported an increase in demand | for services growing number of 80 people in need NPOS collaborated with another organization to improve or increase their services 4 STRATEGIC PLANNING AND EFFICIENCY CONSTANTLY CHANGING 3 TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE Nonprofit managers must strive 47 towards implementing long-term Online and mobile NPOS upgraded hardware / software 40 solutions and meeting specific tech are becoming goals while continuing to fill technology to improve their organization's efficiency more pivotal short-term needs each year | NPOS upgraded hardware/software technology to improve their organization's efficiency The Nonprofit Funding Landscape is Changing 37 LESS GOVERNMENT FUNDING 21 1 DURING ECONOMIC RECOVERY 18 FORCES NEW PLANNING STRATEGIES |Managed delays by dipping into reserve funds Began budgeting for delays in advance 32% Received payment more than a month late from | Relied on a loan/other type of debit state government 2 NEED FOR DIVERSE, MULTI-CHANNEL STRATEGIES 3 MOBILE STRATEGIES Emerging fundraising trends Responsive design allows 47 88 Participating nonprofits reported using four or more fundraising methods a donor to access an • Adoption of new software / technologies organization's website at • Social media networking any time, from any device • Special events for donor recruitment | Embracing General Mobile Strategies • Exploring personal contacts of staff/board members • Optimizing mobile email messages • Equipping website to enable mobile browsing • Using QR codes to enable quick access to a donation page 4 CONTENT MARKETING AND VISUAL STORYTELLING • SMS/text donations Individuals process visuals 90 of information Visual content is social-media-ready 60,000X transferred to the brain is visual and social-media-friendly e.g., easily sharable FASTER THAN TEXT ALONE and palatable in the growing digital age 92% • This is why 92% of nonprofit professionals are using content marketing through social media, blogging, email, and video to reach out to donors Developing Leadership and Organizational Capacity 1 IDENTIFY AND GROW THE RIGHT LEADERS FOR YOUR NPO | Look for leaders with skills your organization needs to succeed Internal Efficiency and Strength • Client focused • Ethics, integrity & trust • Vision & mission focused 48 NPOS in America invested money or time in professional development of their team in 2013 Allow Your Organization's Mission to Shine Through • Interpersonal skills • Compelling presentation and speaking skills • Strategic agility Making a Connection with Donors is Necessary COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO CREATING 1 DONORS WANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT 2 DONOR LOYALTY 70 NPO funders NPOS successful in retaining existing donors reported constant, I ongoing communication as their most effective retention strategy requested impact or 3 LIFETIME VALUE COMES FROM BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS program metrics Personalizing donor outreach and tracking donor engagement to better understand what drives their giving behavior will be crucial to donor loyalty 75 Millennials will not typically donate in a traditionally fashion so NPOS must adapt Millennials will make LEARN TO TO SPEAK THE 4 up 75% of the workforce by 2025 LANGUAGE OF MILLENNIALS OVERCOMING FINANCIAL ISSUES, DONOR SCRUTINY, AND INCREASING DEMAND FOR To learn more about achieving and sustaining your nonprofit's mission more efficiently, visit SERVICES ARE JUST A FEW OF THE HARDSHIPS THAT NONPROFIT LEADERS FACE EACH AND EVERY DAY. In the face of adversity, NPOS will continue to strive for the long-term sustainability of their organizations in order to benefit the people they serve. DEVILOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Brighter Strategies For Nonprofits

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Nonprofits are struggling in the current economy. Learn more about their struggles from this infographic.


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