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The Brief History of the Man Bag

UNZIPPED The Brief History of the Man Bag While man bags may seem to be a recent revolution in men's fashion, they actually have a rich and varied history. Men have worn bags ever since they have had important things to carry. Centuries of use have proven what many already know: Handbags aren't only for women. Used to Carry The Middle Ages Money Flint Perfumed spices Pet food GIRDLE POUCHES • Suspended from girdles (a small belt worn around the leg), these pouches served as early "pockets", as the pocket had not yet been Materials introduced. Silk Silver Leather Metal Used to Carry Spices Flowers The Renaissance Herbs SWETE BAGGES • Although the introduction of pockets greatly reduced the need for male handbags, these pouches filled with sweet smelling Materials materials or confections were still used to showcase wealth and overpower bodily odors. Beads Fine metals Linen Precious jewels Used to Carry Books The Renaissance Other school materials/trinkets THE SATCHEL • Used primarily by school children of the era, this bag served the same purpose as the modern day backpack. Materials Leather Used to Carry Papers The Industrial Revolution Documents Small valuables Books THE BRIEFCASE • A flat, rectangular case that typically had a handle. Used metallic locks to prevent its unwanted opening. • With the birth of the railroad, sturdier bags were needed for transporting materials, and the briefcase was born. • Today, modern briefcases follow the aesthetical design of the 19th century. Materials Leather exterior Suede interior Used to Carry Medical materials Food The World Wars Pictures of loved ones Journals THE BREAD BAG • With most males across the world serving in the military during this era, the bread bag was an essential component of their field gear. • This small bag easily fastened to the belt and was used as an all-purpose carrying bag, despite its name. Materials Cotton canvas Нетp Used to Carry Personal possessions Mail Modern Times Business/ school materials Goods THE MESSENGER BAG Materials • A sack shaped bag that is worn cross-body, over one shoulder and generally rests on the lower back. • Originally used by post carriers and bicycle messengers over the last 150 years, in the latter half of the 20th century messenger bags grew in popularity and have become a men's fashion item. Cotton canvas Нетp Leather Nylon Given that the man bag has been around for centuries, chances are it will be around for years to come. Men need to carry things too. Why not look fashionable while doing it? Sources:<emid=19 GHURKA

The Brief History of the Man Bag

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Women's fashion may dominate today, but once upon a time, men's style had just as much influence. Learn about the evolution and significance of the men's handbag or man purse with this fun and informa...


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