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Brain Hack the Seven Deadly Sins

BRAIN НАСК Deadly Sins the THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS ARE LUST GLUTTONY PRIDE SLOTH VANITY GREED ENVY LUST TOBACCO ALCOHOL A lack of self-control COMMON TYPES > PORNOGRAPHY HACK: RECASTING Look at cravings as a positive reminder that you quit something bad for you. 2 GLUTTONY To over-indulge, especially by overeating « COMMON REASONS BOREDOM HACK: DISTRACTION Give yourself a project, or take a walk when you're bored. Eventually, false hunger will become a trigger to exercise or be creative. EMOTIONAL OUTLET 3 PRIDE EXTREMISM Can be a sign of closed-mindedness; may signify an underdeveloped right frontal lobe CAN RESULT IN > DISCRIMINATION HACK: TRIGGER AWARENESS Through research and learning, you can trigger awareness and develop your right frontal lobe. 4. SLOTH Laziness; often a lack of exercise LACK OF ENERGY « COMMON REASONS DEPRESSION HACK: CHUNKING By making a sequence of actions part of your routine, it becomes simple and as necessary as brushing your teeth. VANITY LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS Overly concerned with physical appearance MAY BE DUE TO > HACK: DEEP BREATHING Meditation and yoga offer breathing techniques that helps thinking more clearly, and focusing on trusting your mind and body from the inside out. LACK OF IDENTITY 6. GREED co4285501 A STATES OFAMERICA The excessive desire for material things POOR WORK/LIFE BALANCE « CAN RESULT IN HACK: REINVIGORATING Explore hobbies that focus on internal talents or interests that are not material, and give time rather. ABB;19259 7. ENVY JEALOUSY Jealousy towards another's happiness COMMON TYPES >> SOON HACK: RECASTING OBSESSION Reframe events and look at the positives rather than the negatives. Appreciate the happiness of others as you would hope they would for you. SOURCES deadly_sins r28chp BROUGHT TO YOU BY BECOMECAREER.COM

Brain Hack the Seven Deadly Sins

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1 comment takes a look at the 7 deadly sins and how to overcome them with brain / life hacks.


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