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Blue Topaz - A Guide to the November Birthstone

JEWELLERYOFSCOTLAND presents BLUE TOPAZ Are you, or is someone you know, celebrating a birthday in November? If so, here is everything you'll need to know about Topaz, one of November's birthstones. Enjoy! 5 Quick Facts About Blue Topaz The purest form of topaz is colourless. When exposed to impurities during formation, colour becomes present. Topaz is an 8 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness, which means it is extremely resistant to scratching. However, due to the crystal structure, if it takes a direct hit it can easily fracture. Naturally occurring blue topaz is quite rare. Nearly all of the Blue Topaz on the market today is irradiated and heat treated. Blue is the most desired colour of topaz. In order for a topaz to be considered Imperial topaz, it should display a reddish pleochroic colour. Topaz in History Topaz is said to have gotten its name from the island Topazos (now called Zabargad), a small island in the Red Sea. In the Middle Ages, the name topaz was used to refer to any yellow gemstone, including citrine, which is a type of quartz. The Greeks believed topaz had power to increase strength, while the Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight. In nineteenth-century Russia, the name Imperial Topaz originated. At the time, the Ural Mountains were topaz's top source, and the exquisite pink gemstone mined there, were named to honour the Russian czar. Shades of Blue Topaz There are three basic colours of Blue Topaz. Swiss Blue features a Sky Blue is a brilliant London Blue is a richly crisp, cool blue colour. medium blue. saturated dark blue. Topaz Enhancements We all want our gemstones looking their vibrant best, which is why certain enhancements are an acceptable practice in the jewellery industry. Diffusion Treatment A diffusion treatment involves exposing the surface of a stone to certain chemicals combined with high heat. This process produces Mystic topaz. Heating Irradiation Turns some colourless The process of exposing a topaz to very high temperatures can change some yellow, topaz to a brown or brownish green. Then these newly coloured gemstones are then heat treated to produce blue topaz. orange and brown stones to pink or red. The Many Colours of Topaz White topaz is Imperial topaz is a deeply saturated medium, reddish Hyacinth topaz is dark orange to the colourless variety of topaz. orange red colour. orange colour. Sherry (Brown) topaz is a brownish Blue topaz is an irradiated topaz that is either light blue (Swiss), Precious topaz is a topaz that exhibits highly saturated pinks and also Mystic Topaz is created witha diffusion treatment yellow to orange - or a yellowish medium blue (Sky) or a deep blue (London) colour. causing the stone to exhibit includes red to orange coloured topaz as wellI. brown colour. multiple colours. Famous Topaz The Braganza "Diamond" This famous gemstone was discovered in the late 18th century and thought to be a diamond, and rumoured to weigh in at an estimated 1640 carats. It was later discovered to be a topaz, not a diamond. The American Golden Topaz This is the 3rd largest topaz in the world This breathtaking, faceted golden topaz weighs and astounding 22,892.5 carats. Topaz Azul This gemstone was found in Brazil and is part of the Programa Royal Collections (PRC). It is thought to be the largest irradiated blue topaz in the world and exhibits a rich blue colour. Care and Handling Keep Away From Extreme Heat Use mild detergent and warm water to clean Where on Earth is Topaz? Czech Republic Ural and llmen Norway Sweden mountains of Russia Germany Afghanistan The United States Pakistan Japan Sri Lanka Flinders Island, Australia Mexico Italy Brazil Nigeria JEWELLERYOFSCOTLAND Come visit us at our website or our social media accounts below, for more great content and more importantly, high quality jewellery! Our mission: to connect our jewellery-passionate customers with the best Scottish contemporary jewellery designers; helping you source the best silver & gold jewellery available in Scotland today via our uncomplicated website. f jewelleryofscotland 0800 689 0752 jewelofscotland James Traill House jewelofscotland Thurso Enterprise Park Thurso KW14 7XW jewelleryofscotland Sources:

Blue Topaz - A Guide to the November Birthstone

shared by jameskingcz on Nov 25
Blue Topaz is known around the world as one of the November birthstones, is used in a wide range of jewellery and is a popular gift for people with November birthdays. This infographic delves into t...


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