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Biggest Workplace Time Wasters

Biggest WORK PLACE • TIME WASTERS. SOCIALIZING 23.4% say socializing with co-workers was their #1 distraction at work. 14% say that talking with co-workers was their #1 time waster. SOCIAL NETWORKING facebook 77% of workers who have a Facebook account use it during work, and for some that means spending up to 2 hours on the site. Most Popular Time-Wasting Websites: 41% facebook 37% Linked in 31% YAHOO! 28% 33 minutesadasRow much time workers spent just a 8% twitter 4% Pinterest SURFING THE NET www. 64% say they visit non-work related websites every day during work hours. 45% reported that surfing the web for personal use was their #1 distraction at work. job vacancies JOB HUNTING 69% 46% of employed respondents say they're either actively seeking a new job or open to job offers. reported spending time job hunting during work hours on company computers. MEETINGS 33 minutes a day is how much time workers spent just attempting to schedule meetings. 47% say their biggest time-waster is having to attend too many meetings. 11% say meetings are their #1 time waster. TAKING CARE OF PERSONAL NEEDS Respondents in a poll said the following was their #1 distraction at work 6.8% 3.1% 2.3% 1.0% Conducting personal business Running errands off-premises Making personal phone calls Planning personal events DEALING WITH UNFORESEEN PROBLEMS 37% say their biggest time waster is fixing other people's mistakes. TI% say dealing with computer glitches is their #1 time waster. COMMUNICATION workers reported 36% of their time wasted was 74 minutes a day are 74:00 calling. wasted trying to contact spent trying to contact people customers or colleagues. and find key information. DISTRACTIONS 36% 27% 22% of disrupted computing tasks say dealing with annoying coworkers is their biggest can result in more than 2 hours of time taken to return report their biggest time waster is having to do unproductive busy work. waste of time. to their previous task. DAYDREAMING polled said spacing out 4% was their #1 distraction at work. 23% of employees reported wasting time out of boredom. Sources.: CYAST

Biggest Workplace Time Wasters

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Let’s face it… Deep down, we all know that we waste more time at work than we really should. But how do your procrastination habits stack up against the rest of the world?






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