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The Best Ways to Make Room for a New Baby

THE BEST WAYS TO MAKE ROOM FOR A NEW BABY ESSENTIALS TO BUY Before beginning to make room for a baby, it's important to know what essential items you need and how they'll fit in your home. CHANGING FACILITIES CRIB & MATTRESS STORAGE SOLUTIONS STROLLER AND PRAM £15 - £250 £100 - £1000 £10 - £200+ £100 - £1000 A secure crib and You'll need a table, mat and a range of hygiene products to change and dress your baby. Plastic containers and A pram is necessary for newborns, to be replaced by a pushchair as they grow older and bigger. supportive mattress is essential for a restful canvas bags provide great storage for toys, food and general supplies. night's sleep. SWEEPING SPACE SAVERS Before looking at specific ways to save space in your home, there are a few more general, sweeping changes which you can implement to really create a big impact! USE NEUTRAL DECLUTTER AND USE WALL SPACE REARRANGE FURNITURE COLOURS USE STORAGE FOR STORAGE Make the most of vertical Rearrange furniture to create a clear path through Paint your walls neutral Have a thorough tidy and space and securely store whatever you can on colours to make rooms remove any unnecessary seem larger than they actually are. furniture or items and put them in storage. a room, making it easier to shelving or hooks. navigate and save space. SPECIFIC SPACE SAVERS With the broader changes in place, there are a few more specific tricks you can introduce to create additional space and make housing your new baby that little bit easier! CHANGING STORAGE USE A FOLDABLE USE HIDDEN STORAGE CHANGING TABLE Use every little nook for storage, Rather than use a traditional, solid such as under beds and table, use a foldable one which wardrobes to save room and can be stored when not in use. stay clutter free! SWAP THE TV STAND FOR A DRESSER INSTALL A FOLD-DOWN CHANGING TABLE Make furniture multi-purpose, If floor space for a changing table isn't available, try building a such as swapping a TV stand for a dresser. wall-mounted, fold-down instead. USE A ROLL-OUT CHANGING MAT HANG CLOTHES ON THE WALL Wardrobes are very big and take To really save space (and money), remove the table altogether and up a lot of space - instead install a use a roll-out mat on flat surfaces. rail in your room to hang clothes. SLEEPING SEATING HAVE A CEILING AVOID USING A SUSPENDED CRIB TRADITIONAL HIGH CHAIR Use a secure ceiling hook and Instead of a traditional high chair, rope to suspend a crib, creating use a table-mounted one which extra storage space beneath. can be stored away when needed. PUT THE CRIB IN A SMALL CLOSET USE AN EXTRA COLLAPSIBLE PUSHCHAIR Put the crib in a closet to save Opt for a foldable pushchair rather than a fixed one, allowing you to room and create a warm, safe and cosy place for your baby. transport and store it more easily. CREATE A BABY CORNER HANG THE PUSHCHAIR UP IN YOUR BEDROOM Hang your pushchair on the back of a door or a spare wall to create additional floor and storage space. Should additional rooms be limited, create a dedicated baby corner in your own bedroom. MAKING SPACE FOR YOU Making your home a safe and welcoming environment for your baby is important, but it's also important that your home still reflects your tastes and is a comfortable living space. OPEN SPACE FOR PLAY CREATE PRIVATE SPACES FINDING ZEN IN AVOID THEMED FURNITURE YOUR HOME Babies don't care about Set aside a dedicated, Simillar to a dedicated Make time for yourself and furniture, so save money and space and instead repurpose existing items. open space for play, away from your own personal space and posessions. baby play space, create your own baby-free zone for rest and relaxation. personal pursuits. A balanced lifestyle is crucial for both you and your baby. alligator SELF STORAGE

The Best Ways to Make Room for a New Baby

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With a newborn baby on the way, it’s easy to get lost in the wonder of all things delicate and tiny. Particularly with your first baby, there’s a huge temptation to buy every gadget and product th...


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