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The Best Paycheck Cities in America

The Best Paycheck Cities IN AMERICA 2013 A report powered by PaycheckCity We all know where we live impacts how much money we make. But have you ever thought about how your state and local income tax affects how much money you take after taxes? Read on to see how the average person's paycheck stands up in cities across the U.S. Imagine That... You make $40,000 per year If you live here You'd take home this in 2013 single married $31,806.25 Phoenix, AZ $32,582.50 $31, 5.25 Indianapolis, IN $32,302.50 $31,184.37 Los Angeles, CA $32,613.26 $31,184.37 Sacramento, CA $32,613.26 $31,184.37 San Francisco, CA $32,613.26 $31,178.25 Pittsburgh, PA $31,954.50 $31,067.25 Denver, CO $32,125.50 $30,937.85 Cleveland, OH $31,714.10 $30,920.25 St. Louis, MO $31,650.50 $30,891.25 Boston, MA $31,667.50 $30,886.25 Chicago, IL $31,662.50 $30,814.25 Atlanta, GA $31,482.50 $30,686.25 Washington, DC $31,462.50 $30,634.25 Minneapolis, MN $31,856.50 $30,423.25 Charlotte, NC $31,178.50 $30,059.05 Philadelphia, PA $30,835.30 $29,878.25 Portland, OR $30,966.22 $29,823.52 Detroit, MI $31,952.05 $29,454.20 New York, NY $31,555.70 The Best Paycheck Cities are those where there's no city or state tax $32,886.25 Miami, FL $33,662.50 $32,886.25 Orlando, FL $33,662.50 $32,886.25 Tampa, FL $33,662.50 $32,886.25 Dallas, TX $33,662.50 $32,886.25 Houston, TX $33,662.50 $32,886.25 Seattle, WA $33,662.50 How Can This Be? In addition to federal income tax, each state withholds its own portion of your pay. Some states even have local withholding taxes. Thus, you take home a different Net Pay for the same Gross Pay depending on where you live. What are Gross & Net Pay, Anyway? The total wages you earn for the pay period. Gross Pay This amount determines how much you'll owe in taxes. Net Pay The amount of $ you actually receive on payday. It’s your take-home pay. PAYSTUB Gross Pay Deductions GROSS PAY Federal Taxes 123 N Seet RATE $40,000.00 State Taxes EARNINGS 10.00 Reguar Holiday Retroacies Par NET PAY TUTORY derel me Ta Local Taxes DEDUCTIONS $32,582.50 Net Pay Are You Thinking of Moving? Consider States With: No State Income Tax Flat Tax Alaska Everyone pays the same tax rate regardless of income Pennsylvania 3.07% Florida Indiana 3.4% Nevada New Hampshire Michigan 4.25% South Dakota Tllinois 5% Tennessee Texas Utah 5% Washington Massachusetts 5.25% Wyoming Highest Income Tax New York California New Jersey District of Columbia Oregon lowa I Vermont In order to Maximize Your Paycheck Learn More Visit to use one of the many paycheck calculators to see what impacts your take home pay. PaycheckCity © PaycheckCity, 2013 Sources:, American Payroll Association “Your Paycheck." lil

The Best Paycheck Cities in America

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Where you live impacts how much money you make. But have you ever thought about how your state and local income tax affects how much money you take home after taxes? This infographic shows how the ave...


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