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Best Fashion Tips for Men

THE MALE FASHION FIT GUIDE Tips from: /u/shujin, /u/GraphicNovelty, /u/MerkinForTheWeekend, /u/Deusis and /r/malefashionadvice SOMETIMES LOOKING SHARP IS ALL ABOUT WEARING CLOTHES THAT PROPERLY FIT. If you're not sure what to look for when buying shirts, pants or other types of apparel, here are some tips about what to pay special attention to when shopping and trying on clothes. DRESS SHIRTS Shoulder V The seam should be at your shoulder bone Collar V It shouldn't constrict your neck V If you turn your head, your collar shouldn't turn with it Sleeves V You shouldn't be able to see the details of your arm Cuffs V When bending your arm, the cuff shouldn't move up more than an inch V They should end where your palm begins V They should not be higher up than a watch would be Length V You should be able to move naturally without the shirt untucking V They should be looser on the wrist than a watch BLAZERS AND SUIT JACKETS Collar V The jacket collar should allow 2 cm of your shirt collar to show Buttons Shoulder V The jacket shouldn't pull (making a fabric “X" shape) across the chest when buttoned V The seam should be at the edge of your shoulder V Watch out for bends between the sleeve and the shoulder Sleeves Length• V The second button from V When your arms are at your sides, the sleeves should cover your wrist but go no farther the bottom should rest above your belly button V They shouldn't drastically restrict your movement COATS Size Shoulder V What you're wearing underneath the coat will be a factor V The seam should be at the edge of your shoulder V It shouldn't be too roomy and should lie close to your body Bottoms Sleeves V Watch out for the bottom V They should pass your wrist by about an inch flaring out, as this means the coat doesn't fit right V Sleeves from what you're wearing underneath should not be shown PANTS Dress trousers V They should drape a little Chinos Jeans V The number of breaks varies according to preference and the style of jeans V They should have a slim fit in the thigh but be straight/tapered below the knee V They should be close to the leg but not enough to cause resistance more than chinos V There should be a small break in the pant leg V Generally, there should be one break in the pant leg SThere should be no breaks if you're not wearing socks V Avoid pleats V Avoid pleats V Buy according to your waist size and slim down a size for a tighter fit TIES Length V The bottom of the tie should reach the middle of your belt Unot V It shouldn't tighten the collar but just sit under it V Choice in knot depends on the collar SWide collar = larger knot S Narrow collar = four-in-hand SHOES Heel V You shouldn't be able to fit a finger behind your heel Toes V The front of the shoe shouldn't press on your toes Sides V Little to no pressure should be put on the sides of your feet If you need more specific guidelines related to your body type, HERE'S SOME ADVICE: HEAVY IN GENERAL: Don't wear clothes that have a baggy fit Shirts V For button-downs, the priority is to make sure the collar isn't too Accessories V Belt should fill out the belt loops tight/loose and that when you sit with the shirt tucked in, it doesn't strain the buttons V Shop for extra-long ties Suit Jackets V Note that if it doesn't fit right in the shoulders, it doesn't fit in general V Go for two-vent jackets instead of one-vent jackets Pants V Make sure pants have no breaks V Avoid pleated pants TALL IN GENERAL: Prioritize a good fit over being fashionable; it'll balance out Shirts V Vertical lines might make you look taller, but horizontal lines work well V Know your measurements and make sure sleeves are long enough Pants Suit Jackets V Wear slim or straight cut; avoid bootcut V Seek out tailored or slim fits V If you'd like to look less tall, try cuffing your jeans ATHLETIC IN GENERAL: Keep it simple; don't accessorize too much Shirts V Try tucking in your shirts, especially if they're too long V Slim-fit polos generally look good Accessories V Don't get slim accessories; shoes and belts should be thick/wide V If you have big quads, wear hefty shoes to avoid a carrot-like shape Pants Suit Jackets V Look for shoulders that don't have a lot of padding V Generally, slim straight, slim tapered or pseudo-skinny jeans work well V Don't stress over having a tight fit around the waist if the rest fits well V Avoid a really slim lapel SHORT IN GENERAL: Keep your upper-body/lower-body proportions in mind Shirts V Aside from wearing vertical lines, avoid other patterned clothing V When you wear button-downs, Pants V Always wear tapered pants/jeans V Don't tuck your jeans into your boots or cuff your jeans tuck them in Accessories V For added height, try shoes with thick soles (like Doc Martens or combat boots)

Best Fashion Tips for Men

shared by towntawkspk on Dec 09
An infographic about the best possible fashion tips for men. How to wear dress pants, shirts, ties, coats, jeans in the most decent & "manly" manner.




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