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The best decades of men's style

DECADES OF STYLE 60s 50s TREND TRUMPS LIMTED EDITION Kests and medall Siim-cut suits, c and iong, long Haircuts c prints, outra JAMES DEAN Suits Fashion Icon (Jo Total Grey suits and trilbies; leather jackets, jeans and quifs Haircuts Suits Fashion creativity Icon (James Dean) Total Tcuts suits Fashion creativity 9. 5 6. 32 Icon (David Bow Total JE BEST THE WAS WHICH DECADES OF STYLE TREND TREND TRUMPS TRUMPS DECADE FOR MENSWEAR? Men's fashion has been on a magical mystery tour since the 1950s. Every decade has added something to the mix - some of it timeless and cool, some of it outrageously awful. Here, we compare decades to find out which was the best. 50s THE REBELLIOUS 50s Hats, suits and good manners were the uniform of the postwar years. But then rock 'n' Grey suits and trilbies; leather jackets, jeans and quiffs Haircuts Suits Fashion creativity Icon (James Dean) Total JAMES DEAN roll exploded onto the scene. Rebels like Elvis Presley and James Dean got youth culture and fashion all shook up. 9 9 32 THE FREE- SPIRITED 60s 60s The sixties was a decade of experimentation and liberation. Sharp-suited mods, lace- trimmed dandies JOHN LENNON and long-haired hippies chose Carnaby Street as their Mecca and the Beatles as their soundtrack. Slim-cut suits, crushed velvet, tie-dye and long, long hair Haircuts Suits Fashion creativity Icon (John Lennon) Total 7 8 9.5 7.5 32 70s THE FLAMBOYANT 70s Seventies men strutted around like psychedelic peacocks in garish prints DAVID BOWIE and hideous Psychedelic prints, outrageous flares, hairy chests and medallions Haircuts knits. Trousers were flared, chests were hairy 4 Suits Fashion creativity Icon (David Bowie) Total and David Bowie 10 was God. 8 28 THE ELECTRONIC 80S 80s The new politics, new money and new music of the 80s spawned edgy fashion tribes. New Romantics MICHAEL JACKSON Eyeliner, flouncy shirts, snow-washed jeans and stylised sportswear Haircuts Suits Fashion creativity Icon (Michael Jackson) Total made themselves pretty, punks worked hard to 6. 9. look ugly, Michael Jackson was mainstream cool. 28 90s THE LADDISH 90s Ecstatic, baggy- clothed ravers waved their glow sticks in fields and LIAM GALLAGHER warehouses Checked shirts, pristine trainers and the return of the parka throughout the land. Then Britpop Haircuts and 'new lads' Suits Fashion creativity Icon (Liam Gallagher) Total swaggered onto the scene with 6. 6. Manc-mod style. THE SMART/ CASUAL 00S 00S SEL The futuristic look of the new millennium MANI EMPO gave way to smart/ DAVID BECKHAM casual style. Metrosexual Suit-jacket-and-jeans combo, man bags and footballer chic Haircuts men teamed suit jackets with designer jeans and David Beckham could do no wrong. 7 7 Suits Fashion creativity Icon (David Beckham) Total 9. 29 10s THE MIXED-UP 10s Fashion in the 10s is a mashup of styles from every decade. Vintage clothes, bushy beards, thick-rimmed JOHNNY DEPP Big beards, vintage, 80s revival and fashion fusion glasses and tattoos are all back Haircuts Suits Fashion creativity icon (Johnny Depp) Total 8 in. Johnny Depp is still beyond cool. 9. 33 DECADES OF STYLE TREND TRUMPS LEADERBOARD 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s Haircuts 9 7 4 6. 6. 6. 8 Suits 9 8 6. 6. 6. 7 7 Fashion creativity 5 9.5 10 9 7 7 9 Male fashion icons 9 7.5 8 7 9 9 Total 32 32 28 28 25 29 33 the CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2010s FOR BEING DECADE OF STYLE Gentlemen with timeless style shop at Samuel Windsor tailored quality - outstanding prices

The best decades of men's style

shared by samuelwindsor on Nov 13
Which decade was the best for men’s fashion? Do you still yearn for the free-spirited 60s, or are the laddish 90s dear to your heart? We’ve looked at styles from every decade to find the best. ...


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