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Being Present Makes You Happier!

Being present makes you happier... BE HERE NOW Our minds wander...a lot 47% of the time we are thinking about something other than what we are doing. How much your mind wanders depends on what you're doing Brushing Teeth 65% 50% Working 32% Conversation Having Sex 10% Research shows that people are substantially less happy when their mind is wandering than when they are paying attention to what they are doing. 65% 57% Happy when Present focussed Нарру when Mind Wandering Not mind wandering i Mind wandering pleasant thoughts Mind wandering neutral Mind wandering negative Concentrating on what you're doing will make you happier than daydreaming, even if you daydream about something pleasant [% happy] 58% 43% If you are stuck in a traffic jam.. you will still be happier paying attention to your experience. .than if your mind is wandering Being present makes you happier. it also reduces your stress, improves your memory and sporting performance, increases your concentration, and even helps you sleep! ANXIETY A study published by Oxford University in 2013 looked at 273 participants and concluded that taking a 4-week, 10-session online mindfulness course reduced. 58% DEPRESSION 57% STRESS 40% Scientific evidence supporting the power of mindfulness (being present) is now so strong that UK doctors support it. 68% of GPs surveyed in 2010 thought it would be helpful or very helpful for all of their patients to learn mindfulness meditation skills. Scientists put one group of golfers on a mindfulness .and used a control group that didn't take the course. course... PPPFFP (6/6) (2/6) They found that that the golfers who had learned to be more present all improved their national ranking, whereas only 2/6 of the control group did. In 2012, researchers at the University of California had 48 undergraduate students take either a mindfulness class or a nutrition class. There was no improvement in GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores for the nutrition 460 520 2weeks group but for the mindfulness group their average GRE (+13% improvement) scores went from.. They also improved in tests on working memory and focus. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was found to be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs in treating insomnia in an 8-week randomized control trial conducted at a health centre in the USA. There are hundreds of ways to be more present in your everyday life. Try these. When you notice your mind is wandering, feel the sensations in your body instead. Switch off the television when you're eating, slow down and really taste your food, smell the air as you walk down the street, feel your feet on the ground as you walk, notice your breathing as you sit in your office chair, or make eye contact with yourself as you brush your teeth in the morning. Bring a little more Presence into your day and be happier. Sources: wandering make_you_unhappyl Matt Killingsworth and The Halliwell Report - 2010 - 250 GPS surveyed in June 2009 acceptance_approaches in_sport performance presence CONFIDENT SPEAKING FROM THE INSIDE OUT 65% I 66% N

Being Present Makes You Happier!

shared by drkings on Nov 11
Many people are starting to hear good things about Mindfulness (bringing elements of meditation into everyday life). There is now a lot of research suggesting why this might be a good thing. Res...


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