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Beginners Guide: Cycling Advice For New Cyclists

CYCLING tips These simple tricks are perfect for beginners to cycling. They'll have you riding better than ever in'no time! 10 ways to improve your technique : Whether you're a complete beginner or occasional cyclist, at one point, you must start off somewhere, right? 1. Stay Fresh It's easy to get used to the same old routes, especially when you're just starting out. Ride new roads and discover new routes every once iñ a while. The variety will help you to stay engaged and may lead to an exciting discovery. 2. Intervals are important Beginners: Do this set twice. More advanced riders can work up to six sets per session. 2 minutes hard » 2 min. easy » 1 min. hard » 1 min. easy » 30 seconds hard » 30 seconds easy » 15-second sprint » 5 min. easy 3. Conquer a Steep Hill If you go hard too early, you're likely to stay in too big a gear, which will tire you out and slow you down. Start at a steady pace and shift through your gears until you reach a balance between maintaining á decent cadencé. 4. Complete your First Century Many first-time century riders get caught up in the excitement and start too fast. Add an extra 10 miles to your longest ride once a week until you reach 80 miles. 5. Don't Stress Ouer Flats Don't wait until you're on the road to hone your flat-changing skills. Practice changing a tire in the comfort of your garağge using the same pump and tools you carry on your ride, and you'll be less worried about getting a flat far from home. 6. Ride a Fast 100 Take a cue from the pro peloton and ride with a group of friends. Cycling is always more fun-and faster-in ă gróup. And don't stop for long at the aid stations, if at al. 7. Drink Responsibly Don't tilt your head to get the water into your mouth-tilt the bottle. Bite the bottle until you're through the tricky part, and always keep your eyés on the road! 8. Eat Predictably If you eat a bowl of cereal every morning, stick with it. Only ever experiment on training days, never something new when it's a racē day. 9. Download useful apps There are many different apps out their to help improve your overall cycling performance. 10. Preride Checklist Do a quick examination before each ride. Check the wheels spin straight and have plenty of tread. Wipe your chain with your finger, if there's a small amount of oil, that's great. Check your headset by grabbing the front brake and rocking the handlebar back and forth. If you feel movement in your headset, loosen the stem's clamp bolts and tighten the top cap until there is no more movēment. Don't forget to retighten the stem bolts before you ride. Cycling Gear and Accessories : You need the right equipments for your cycling activity. Consider spending some money to buy these useful items listed below: Cycling shoes Track suits and shirt Invest in a good pair of running shoes Any cycling track suits, shorts, shirts and singlets would do. Cycling socks Water bottle Choose anti-blister, breathable socks that will keep your feet dry. Don't forget water to avoid dehydration Power snack Peanut Butter and Banana Combo + before training : Slice a banana Spread some peanut butter on each slide Take out the banana sandwiches from the freezer after an hour Melt some chocolate & dịp it into the melted choC Refrigerate for Make it into a sandwich with the banana slices as the bread Freeze 10 - 15 >> minutes Brought to you by : SOURCES : Velosure Cycle Insurance at the right price new-cyclists?page=0,1

Beginners Guide: Cycling Advice For New Cyclists

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These simple tricks are perfect for beginners to cycling. They'll have you riding better than ever in no time!


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