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Becoming Superhuman Through Meditation

How to Become Superhuman through Meditation How To Meditate Visit for the full guide 1. Sit down somewhere quiet. Set a timer. Start with 5-minute sessions and gradually build up. 2. Rest your attention on one thing that you see, hear, feel, smell or taste. This is your anchor (examples below). 3. Your autopilot thoughts will appear (probably every couple of seconds at first). 4. Smile at your thoughts, then go back to your anchor and let the thoughts swim by. 5. Repeat this over and over again. 6. Keep returning to your anchor. Your autopilot thoughts will start to appear less frequenily. 7. You may start to notice curious details about your anchor that you've never noticed before. 8. If you're relaxed enough you'll eventually reach a point where you actually feel your pupils dilate. This is the 'aware' setting. Sit with it and enjoy how awesome you feel. 9. You've started to become Superhuman. 10. Keep meditating daily. TIP 1. Find any comfortable position that you can stay in until your timer runs out. You can sit on a chair, sit on the floor, stand up or lie down (just don't fall asleep). Keep your spine straight, don't slouch. Put your hands in a comfortable position too. TIP 2 Find an anchor that you can rest your attention on relatively easily. Use of a soft, relaxed focus, not a forced, intense focus. Some people find visual anchors easier, some auditory, some kinesthetic (touch/feeling). You may or may not find it easier to focus on a different thing from one day to the next. A few ideas -- some will work better than others for you: Your breathing. A spot on the woall (you can keep your eyes open if you like). A candle. The smell of incense. The tension in your stomach. The tension in your shoulders. The tension behind your eyes. Your chest. Your throat. Your hands. The top of your head. The feeling of the air on the outside of your nostrils. The feeling of the floor against your feet. The feeling of your bum against ithe chair. The feeling of your clothes on your skin. The sound of your heartbeat. The sound of a specific instrument inside a song you really like. The sound of the rain. TIP 3 If you notice an autopilot thought (positive, negative or neutral), smile at it then always go back to your anchor. This includes frustration or doubt as to whether you're doing it right. TIP 4. Getting distracted is a good thing, because as soon as you've notice that you got distracted you're already meditating again. You need to get distracted in order to then be able to come back to your anchor. TIP 5 Some days your autopilot thoughts will be so thick that you just can't get through them. Sometimes you won't even realise you've been distracted for several minutes. Expect this to happen. Keep meditating until your timer runs out anyway then show up again the next day. It's all part of it. TIP 6 It might take a few weeks before you notice the effects of meditation in daily life, because they're subtle. You only realise that you're having a better time than normal when it becomes abnormal that you're having such a good time. TIP Just like physical exercise... if you take a break for too long you lose your muscles. Consistency is key. Visit for the full guide to meditation. If you enjoyed this guide, join my newsletter at I write about being liked, breaking things down and getting what you want. Cheers, Pete powered by Piktochart make information beautiful

Becoming Superhuman Through Meditation

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This guide can kill your anxiety, help you connect with people and make you feel like you can take on anything —especially if you talk to yourself in your head a lot. Visit


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