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Beauty's Benefits

"I think we'd be a fairer world if beauty were not rewarded, but it is." DR. DANIEL HAMERMESH, SERVI TES OFA AUTHOR OF "BEAUTY PAYS" BEAUTY'S BENEFITS HOW GOOD LOOKS LEAD TO HIGHER PAYCHECKS WASH Beauty may seem like enough of a reward in and of itself, but a wealth of research reveals it comes with extra perks: prettier people earn more money, find higher-earning and hotter spouses-even get better mortgage deals-and it may be because they develop higher self-esteem early on in life. We're sorry if you just threw up in your mouth a little bit. A PRETTY FACE PAYS OFF. ATTRACTIVE WORKERS EARN 10-15% MORE THAN THEIR UNATTRACTIVE CO-WORKERS TYPICAL LIFETIME EARNINGS DIFFERENCE: $230,000 HOW ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE HOW UNATTRACTIVE PEOPLE FARE IN JOB INTERVIEWS: FARE IN JOB INTERVIEWS: 10 14 10 16 RR CALLBACKS INTERVIEWS CALLBACKS INTERVIEWS 72.32% 62.02% CHANCE OF BEING CHANCE OF BEING CALLED BACK CALLED BACK EVEN FOOTBALL ISN'T IMMUNE: BIG BUCKS GET SPENT ON BEAUTY, Consider these figures on American spending in 2010: $33 BILLION SALARY GOES UP 8% WITH EACH STANDARD DEVIATION INCREASE BEAUTY PRODUCTS IN FACIAL SYMMETRY MORE ATTRACTIVE NFL QUARTERBACKS EARN $300,000 MORE THAN THEIR STATS WOULD PREDICT THE LESS SKILLED THE QB, THE MORE THEIR GOOD LOOKS IMPACT THEIR SALARY $27 BILLION $25 BILLION FOREIGN AUTOS TELEVISIONS Liste's Car GENDER BENDER The rewards of beauty are vastly different between men and women: skinny men make less while big guys make more, while just the opposite is true for women. Tall men take home bigger paychecks while women who cake on the make-up are seen as the most competent. MEN 6' TALL OR HIGHER EARN $5,525/YEAR MORE THAN THEIR 5'5" COUNTERPARTS. THAT'S A $789 REWARD PER INCH WEIGHT SALARY WEIGHT SALARY FOR WOMEN: FOR MEN: 70 LBS 70 LBS UNDER AVG UNDER AVG. $62,500 $35,000 30 LBS UNDER AVG. 30 LBS UNDER AVG $49,000 $46,000 AVG. AVG. $40,000 $52,500 30 LBS 30 LBS OVER AVG OVER AVG. $32.500 $59,500 70 LBS 70 LBS OVER AVG OVER AVG. $21,500 $67,500 In psychological tests, women who wear makeup are perceived as more competent, likeable, and trustworthy. Study participants were shown faces for .25 seconds and asked to rate them using a 7-point scale ranging from "not at all" to "highly/extremely." 3.0 | 3.2 |3.4 |3.6 |3.8 4.0 4.2 COMPETENCE NO MAKEUP LIKABILITY "NATURAL' ATTRACTIVENESS TRUSTWORTHINESS GLAMOROUS IS IT ONLY SKIN DEEP? Why do attractive people often perform better? Early discrimination. Consider the paths of these two children from middle class families. BILLY WILLY NOT QUITE SO LUCKY. ALREADY AN ATTRACTIVE YOUNG MAN. 05 YOUTH PARENTS LESS ATTENTIVE TEACHERS PARENTS MORE ATTENTIVE TEACHERS ARE ARE KINDER MEANER Only 1.2% of the Aggressive acts are seen as less naughty when performed by attractive children Tend to presume unattractive children are also dumber The most attractive children are 11 times least attractive more likely than the least attractive to get buckled in to shop- children get buckled in to shopping carts ping carts 15 HIGH SCHOOL BILLY'S: WILLY'S: 6'0" HEIGHT WAGE AT 25: HEIGHT 51" WAGE AT 25: AT 15: AT 15: 60* $51,880 6u" $40,000 HEIGHT HEIGHT AT 25: AT 25 WHY THE SALARY DIFFERENCE? EVERY EXTRA INCH OF HEIGHT AS A TEEN EQUALS 2.7% HIGHER WAGES AS AN ADULT 20 COLLEGE BILLY DOES BETTER WILLY DOES WORSE BY THIS AGE, IT'S NOT TEACHER BIAS. BILLY DOES BETTER ON ORAL EXAMS (WHEN THE PROFESSORS CAN SEE HIM) & WRITTEN EXAMS (WHEN THE PROFESSORS CAN'T). STUDENTS RANKED 4 FOR LOOKS PERFORMED 36 % BETTER THAN THOSE RANKED 2 LIFE CAREER BILLY'S OUTCOME: HIGH SELF-ESTEEM WILLY'S OUTCOME: LOW SELF-ESTEEM $78,927 $50,323 LIFETIME LIFETIME AVERAGE AVERAGE SALARY: SALARY: Does this mean that beautiful people really are innately more capable? No. But attractive children often receive a good deal of positive reinforcement early on while unattractive children are negatively biased against. These early messages can sink in and become self-fulfilling prophecies, so it's enormously important for adults to be self-aware about the messages they communicate. CREATED BY: ONLINEMBAPROGRAMS.NET • • 2011/10/13/fashion/makeup-makes-women-appear-more-competent-study.html?_r=1&src=1SMR_HP_LO_MST FB • http://www. • lugly-you-may-have-a-case.html • 1303249279432/ • • 7843687/version/1/file/Judge% 20and% 20Cable % 20(JAP% 202010)-1.pdf • -makes-women-appear-more-competent-study.html?_r=1&src=ISMR_HP_LO_MST_FB• 2F 10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0025656 • your-pay-check-wil- probably-be-higher-2011-2#if-youre-a-6-foot-tall-male-1#ixzz1bFpAijJp • 20Effects % 20of% 20Attractiveness • http:/ releases/2005-04/uoa-rsp041205.php • • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. BY NO ND

Beauty's Benefits

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Beauty may seem like enough of a reward in and of itself, but a wealth of research reveals it comes with extra perks.


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