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Beardology Infographic

Y Infographic E G A R DO GROWING a BEARD HAS BEEN a SIGN of MANLINESS since the DAWN of TIME SCIENTISTS BELIEVE PREHISTORIC MEN HAD A BEARD FOR: WARMTH protecting skin from the elements INTIMIDATION PROTECTION through a thicker, stronger-looking and cushion from punches or dull jaw line blows to the face BEARDS have regularly cycled in and out of fashion. separating the men from boys for centuries : EGYPT A metal fake BEARD was worn by kings and queens as a sign of soverignty SPARTANS Used to shave the BEARDS of cowards, a great dishonor in spartan society 19 th CENTURY President Lincoln made BEARDS popular for all Americans НОMER It was a grea honour in the time of the Greeks to touch the Kings BEARD. SERIOUSLY, SCIENCE ? IN A STUDY OF FACIAL HAIR: THE RESULTS WERE WOMEN FOUND STUBBLE TO BE THE MOST ATTRACTIVE BUT DO NOT LOSE HOPE! THESE SAME WOMEN, AS WELL AS MEN SURVEYED, FOUND FULL-BEARDED MEN TO ALSO APPEAR : MORE RESPECTED OLDER POWERFUL MOST HEALTHY BEST PARENTS OF A HIGHER-STATUS Choose Your HERO Wisely LEGENDARY Ben Roethlisberger Gandalf Sean Bean Zach Galifianakis Sadam Hussain Arnold Schwarzenegger David Schwimmer Jon Ham Keanu Reeves Jake Gyllenhaal Jim Carrey Lebron James LAZY # RESOURCES # sexy/#.VBWFSC6SXNS * BROUGHT TO YOU FROM: beardbrand style for the urban breadsman ATTRACTIVENESS CRIMINNAL STUBBLE CLEAN SHAVEN/ HEAVY BEARDS GQ

Beardology Infographic

shared by melhelbawy on Oct 20
This Infographic describe the Beardology history and its reasons to have Beardology along the history also the differences between bear in different times.




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