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Battle of the Sexes - The Truth About Engagement Rings

BATTLE OF THE SEXES ---------------------------------------------------------. THE TRUTH ABOUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS Women vs Men How many month's salary should be spent on an engagement ring? i35% of both men and women said that they thought 1 month's salary (or £1,763 based on the national average) was enough to pay on an engagement ring. 16% 9% Think 6 month's salary is the right amount. This would be a total of £10,416 based on the national average However, only 9% of males think 6 month's salary is the right amount to spend on an engagement ring. Would you trust your partner to pick the right engagement ring? 42% of women would NOT TRUST their partner to choose their engagement ring! Whilst 66% of men are confident that they would pick the right ring. Would you prefer diamonds or gemstones? Diamonds Gemstones Diamonds Gemstones Over 72% of women said they would prefer diamonds to gemstones. Over 83% of men said they would prefer diamonds to gemstones. If you could change your engagement ring without your partner knowing, would you? A sneaky two in ten women would secretly change their engagement ring if they thought they would get away with it! What happened to romance!? What do you think it's better to spend money on? Engagement ring or Honeymoon 53% 47% 57% 43% What's the appropriate length of time to be dating before engagement? 0-6 months 0-6 months More than 2 years More than 2 years 6-12 months 6-12 months 1-2 years 1-2 years Men definitely have COMMITMENT ISSUES! Men prefer to wait longer than women. What is your preferred method of proposal? 1 in 10 of the nation are attention seekers! 10% of respondents replied they would like public proposals - shout it out to the world! Is it acceptable/appropriate to propose with a ring from a previous engagement? Whilst only 6% of women said yes, 20% of men said they thought it would be acceptable. Who should keep the ring if the relationship ends? 50% of women believe they should keep it whereas 37% of men think they should have the ring back. the diamond store LONDON *Data taken from a survey of 550 people conducted through &

Battle of the Sexes - The Truth About Engagement Rings

shared by Kathleen123 on Oct 08
A graphic visual representation of opinions between men and women at different stages of the engagement process.


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