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The Bang+Strike Guide To Men's Underwear: Know Your Pants!

BANG+STRIKE UNDERWEAR GUIDE KNOW YOUR PANTS! TRUNKS (AKA BOXER BRIEFS) ck Boxer briefs are - like the name suggests - a hybrid between briefs (or pants) and boxer shorts. They are long in the leg but tight fitting, and were pioneered by Calvin Klein – being made famous in 1992 print ads featuring Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg. Calvin Klein Whilst some find briefs too restrictive and boxers too loose, trunks have become an ideal in-the-middle solution. Speaking about their creation, designer John Varvatos said "We just cut off a pair of long johns and thought, this could be cool..." and have since been called "one of the greatest apparel revolutions of the century." TRUNKS ARE BEST SUITED TO. 17 Casual sports & light exercise Hitting the town Everyday use BRIEFS (AKA PANTS) 30,000 pairs of Y-front briefs were sold in the first three months of their introduction to the market way back in 1935. That's a lot of people treating themselves to the height in fashion and comfort. ЗОК Originally dubbed jockeys' when they were released in North America, and now often lovingly referred to as tighty-whiteys' around the world, briefs are available in a wide range of styles for both men and women, and are renowned for both the comfort and flexibility they offer. BRIEFS ARE BEST SUITED TO. Flexibility & wide range of movement Increased support during sport or exercise Long journeys or flights WOVEN BOXERS B (AKA BOXER SHORTS) Classed as underwear with al-around-elastic similar to the garments worn by boxers - quickly became a timeless classic after EVERLAST they were first released by Everlast in 1925. Despite dropping in popularity when briefs were launched, and being eclipsed by boxer briefs in the modern day, boxer shorts are still a must-have in the drawers of any male's bedroom. WOVEN BOXERS ARE BEST SUITED TO. 17 Casual sports & light exercise Everyday A comfortable use night's sleep THONGS The John McCracken of the underwear world, the minimalist male thong features an elasticated waist, a front cup and just enough extra material to cover the cracks. Thongs are split into two categories - the wider 'T' shaped thong for slightly more coverage, and the 'G-string' which only has a very thin strip of material at the back. In answer to that age-old question: does a thong give you a wedgie? A thong is a wedgie – but a comfortable one at that. You get used to them, apparently. THONGS ARE BEST SUITED TO. Less visibility - forget all about having a VPL Those seeking less coverage Hitting the town JOCK STRAP The Jock Strap - also known as jockstrap – is an undergarment originally designed to protect your manhood during rigorous physical activity such as sports. Featuring little more than an elasticated waist, a protective pouch and supportive straps, jockstraps have become more commonplace in the fashion world in recent times. Not only are they available in a range of colours and styles, but they let you be a little bit cheeky'. JOCK STRAPS ARE BEST SUITED TO. ooh err... Flexibility & wide range of movement Increased padding & protection during sports & physical activity 'Extracurricular' activities BROUGHT TO YOU BY BANG+STRIKE THE UK'S N0.1 MEN'S UNDERWEAR & SWIMWEAR RETAILER WWW.BANGANDSTRIKE.COM

The Bang+Strike Guide To Men's Underwear: Know Your Pants!

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Do you know your trunks from your thongs? Your boxers from your briefs? From where they came from to when you should wear them, BANG+STRIKE’s brief (pun intended) guide to men’s underwear will mak...





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