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Bad Britain: the Cost of Our Vices

ILLEGAL SMOKING ALCOHOL 207,000 children DRUGS 22% of men smoke 19% of women smoke The UK spends £38bn a year on start smoking every year alcoholic drinks The illegal drug market is worth £8bn a year The government receives £9.5bn a year in tobacco duties 9% of men and 4% women 3 of adults have taken an illegal drug in their lifetime Smoking kills 100,000 people every year are dependent on alcohol The UK spends £15bn a year on tobacco 16.4% of 16-19 year olds used illicit drugs in the past year Alcohol costs the NHS £3.5bn per year Smoking costs the NHS £6bn per year There are around 5,000 drug-related deaths in the United Kingdom every year 300 children aged 11 or under were admitted to A&E in 2012 for drinking too much BAD BRITAIN A regulated cannabis market could reduce the government deficit by £1.25bn In 2012, there were 8,657 alcohol-related deaths An injecting drug user will cost the NHS £35,000 over the course of their lifetime The government receives £14.6bn a year in alcohol duties FAST FOOD GAMBLING The average person spends £1,320 a year on fast food The average UK household spends £166 per year on gambling COST OF OUR VICES McDonald's paid £42m in corporation tax last year The government receives £1.7bn a year in gambling duties SEX The UK fast food industry is worth £96.1bn 300,000 12-15 year-olds gamble on social media games The UK's online pornography 40,000 people die every year due to obesity industry is worth £3bn a year The UK online gambling market is worth /3 of final year primary school The provision of HIV treatment costs the over £2bn children are overweight or obese NHS up to £750 million a year 3m UK families have found their children viewing violent, explicit or pornographic material on the internet Poor diets and sedentary lifestyles The UK has 567,000 problem gamblers cost the NHS £6bn annually 18% of British men 6% of British people under the age have hired a prostitute of 15 have accessed an adult website Sources: GAMBLING ALCOHOL ILLEGAL DRUGS,%20classification% and%20evidence%20review%20-%20May%202013.pdf alcohol-related-deaths-in-the-united-kingdom--registered-in-2012.html -from-the-2012-to-2013-crime-survey-for-england-and-wales RIGHT CASINO SMOKING FAST FOOD PORNOGRAPHY

Bad Britain: the Cost of Our Vices

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Our new infographic tickles the UK’s dirty underbelly to reveal the shocking facts and figures behind Britain’s ‘vices.’ You’ll never believe how gambling stacks up alongside our multi-mi...





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