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Baby Milestones

BABY Milestones Babies! When it comes to caring for those little ones, there is so much to learn! How old should they be before eating solid food? What about riding a bike? How much can parents expect to spend on baby products? Take these first steps toward better understanding babies and their growing needs. :: т. E Diet Physical Language Cognitive Breast Milk Lifts head when Cries for wants Responds to sound 1 Month or Formula lying on tummy and needs Breast Milk Holds head up Vocalizes with Follows items in 2 Months or Formula for short periods gurgles and coos field of vision Breast Milk Visually tracks moving objects Holds head Smiles and 3 Months or Formula steady laughs Breast Milk Can bear Coos in Aware of labels 4 Months or Formula weight on legs conversation on people/things Plays with own Coos in Distinguishes bold colors Breast Milk 5 Months or Formula hands and feet conversation Can switch from Rolls over in both Imitates Turns to sounds 6 Months puree to chunks directions sounds and voices Ready for solid foods First teeth Experiences 7 Months Jabbers sprout stranger anxiety Passes objects Searches for Begins with softer solid food Says "mama" 8 Months between hands or "dada" hidden objects 9 Months Can manage Steadies self Combines Knows object finger foods when standing syllables permanence Drinks from Crawls well with Waves Finds hidden 10 Months sippy cup belly off ground goodbye objects easily Tries to Can stand for a Uses "mama" or Understands 11 Months feed self few of seconds "dada" properly simple direction Starts using Indicates wants Knows more Imitates others' 12 Months spoons with gestures than one word activity Imitates reading board books Can chew with Can stack Strings together 18 Months lips closed four blocks simple phrases Can feed Can walk Half of speech is Can name six 24 Months self down stairs understandable body parts B х Top Mommy Bloggers In your baby's first year alone, you can easily spend between $9,000 and $11,000. You will spend at least $2,000. :: =said= What are the top 3 baby products to save on (with coupons or discounts)? 1. Diapers 2. Formula/Baby Food 3. Wipes BABY'S FIRST YEAR EXPENSES $500 $1,000 $1,500 S2,000 FORMULA $1,700 CLOTHES $850 FURNITURE $1,800 DIAPER EXPENSES (UNTIL POTTY TRAINED) DISPOSABLE $2,000 CLOTH $900 The baby products industry is worth over $30 Billion +H+H++FH+FH+ FH+ FH+FH+F BA в R Top Mommy Average price of a babysitter Bloggers e $8-$12 per hour =said = Do you have a preference on the age of the babysitter? Besides family, babysitters should at least be 20 and have plenty of experience. :: LOCATION NUMBER OF CHILDREN + $1 to $3 per hour + $1 extra per hour when you live in a big city where the cost of living is higher for each additional child EXPERIENCE $5/hr Teens with little experience Experienced $10/hr. sitters AGE OF CHILDREN ADDITIONAL DUTIES + $2 per hour + $2 or more per hour for younger children because they require extra attention and experience when doing chores or caring for special needs children TIME OF DAY + $2 per hour for babysitting outside typical hours (8am - 10pm) :: Top Mommy O Bloggers 8 =said = How old was your child the first time you left them with a babysitter? On average, between one month and one year old. B м (м One block = one year old Top Mommy O Bloggers ® said = What is your favorite activity to do with your toddler? TURN CAR SEAT AROUND You can position your baby's seat forward when your baby is at least one year old and weighs at least 20 Ibs. 1. Daytrips/Traveling 2. Singing/Dancing 3. Reading/Games 66 SLEEP IN BIG KID BED JOIN SPORTS Kids can be moved to a big kid bed at 1% - 3% years old but closer to 3 is recommended. Most kids start playing sports when they are 5 or 6, but some will start as young as 2 or 3. 6ం RIDE A BIKE GO FOR A SWIM Kids around age 4 or 5 have the balance and coordination to learn Most kids will not have the attention span to learn how to swim until around 6 years old. how to ride a two-wheeler bike. EEAEFG+EA+F-+FA к E E Top Mommy Bloggers :: =said Have you kept any odd sentimental items from your kids' childhood? 1. Hospital papers 2. Hair 3. Toys Teeth Hair & Hair Brush :: 12 :: Sports Gear Body Casts Umbilical Cord Shoes Braces & Tonsils Retainers +H++HH+H++HH+FA+FH+FAFEI- Brought to you by SOURCES: | | | || | | | || | | | | ::

Baby Milestones

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Baby Milestones illustrates what most parents wonder and worry about when they are waiting for their little one. We enlisted the help of top mommy bloggers to put this together. The infographic includ...


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