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Are Your Appliances Hidden Energy Vampires?

Are Your Household Appliances Hidden Vampires? 1 unit = 1kw per hour The level of energy efficiency in our homes is a topic that is never far from the top of the news agenda. However, for everyday people, the amount of energy that our appliances use often slips under the radar - the first thing we think about when we turn on the TV or the microwave is whether it works or not, not how much energy is being used. This infographic will look at a selection of common household appliances and gadgets and analyse how much energy they use.. %3D A kilowatt hour is a measure of energy that is the equivalent to how many thousands of watts are used by an appliance per hour. What does 1KWH mean for your home? iPhone Charger 83 Days 8 Hours 23} 0.0005 kWh 1 unit = 2000 hours BT Home Hub 4 days 4 hrs [2 0.01 kWh (L)1 unit = 100 hours LED Bulb 4 days 4 hrs [23) 0.01 kWh ( 1 unit = 100 hours (The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in lumens, not watts. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. A 60W bulb has a lumen rating of 800, while an LED has the same lumen rating for only 10W.) Traditional Bulb [2 0.06 kWh (L) 1 unit = 16 hours 40 mins GHDS (version II) [ 0.079 kWh (L) 1 unit = 12 hours 39mins 42" LED TV (LG) (full usage) 0.088 kWh (L) 1 unit = 11 hours 22 mins Electric Toothbrush 2} 0.13kWh (L) 1 unit = 7 hours 42 mins PS4 23 0.13 kWh (L) 1 unit = 7 hours 41mins PS4 Washing Machine (full load, 60 degree cycle) [23} 0.74kWh (L) 1 unit = 1 hour 21 mins Microwave (800W) 1.12 kWh ( L) 1 unit = 53 2 mins (while in use - microwaves traditionally use 30-50% more than their stated wattage) Dyson DC411 (corded) [233 1.4 kWh (L) 1 unit = 43 mins Electric Car (Tesla Model S) [ 11 kWh 1 unit = 5½ mins "The Big Six" price per unit (= 1 Kw per hour) 15.34p / kWh 14.87p / kWh 13.41p / kWh 13.08p / kWh 12.64p / kWh 12.03p / kWh British Gas npower e-on SSE EDF ScottishPower AVERAGE = 13.56p per kWh (prices correct as of November 2015) (VHL Setting Standar ds O--- 0- -- O- -- 0- -- 0- -- 0- --

Are Your Appliances Hidden Energy Vampires?

shared by vhl on Apr 28
Find out how many units the everyday appliances you have around the house are silently sipping away it. This infographic covers items including the PS4, ghd hair straighteners, an electric toothbrush ...



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