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Are You Ready?

Are you Ready? The American "Pioneer Spirit" is alive and well in those individuals who believe in being prepared. Prepared for what? Take your pick...Find out what people are preparing for. *Numbers are based on a 1000 participant study in which more than one answer could be marked Which of the following do you think might happen in the US in the next 25 years? 64% 63% 55% 51% $4 Significant Earthquake Significant Hurricane Terrorist Attack Financial Collapse 37% 29% 14% 13% ?? Significant Blackout Pandemic Nuclear Fallout None To protect yourself from an earthquake- drop to the ground, take cover under a table, and hold on until the shaking stops. Which of the following movies if any do you think depict events that could happen in the next 25 years ? 37 31 30 The Day After Tomorrow Armageddon 2012 19 19 15 Independence Day The Day the Earth Stood Still I Am Legend 10 09 07 The Stand Waterworld Plant of the Apes If the world freezes over as it does in "The Day After Tomorrow" don't count on Dennis Quaid to save you. ALWAYS BE READY by stocking up on supplies and gear. *20 other Which of the following would you do the night before you thought the world might end? Resolve feuds or 27% disagreements with a loved one 42% Have sex Stock up on resources such as canned food Eat an expensive meal at a fancy 20% 06% and water restaurant An extreme sport 03% like skydiving 20% Other If you find yourself in the final, drink and be merry! In the event of a catastrophe, do you think most Americans will be more prepared, less prepared or about as prepared as the rest of the country? 23% 24% 53% More prepared Less prepared About as prepared Allh. In the event of catastrophe who would you be willing to share your own resources with? *Percentages are based on a 1000 participant study Immediate 76% family members such as parents and siblings 64% Significant other Extended family members such as 55% Close Friends 49% aunts and uncles 42% Neighbors I know well 29% Acquaintances or friend of friends 28% 24% My children (Among parents) Neighbors I don't know well 21% Colleagues 06% Other 03% Nobody Which of the following if any have you done to prepare for a potential catastrophe? Collect or store 45% 43% canned food Collect or store water 42% Stock up on batteries 34% Keep a full tank of gas in my car Have a "go-bag" (aka 33% bug-out bag) with Learn basic survival skills 30% (how to start a fire or stitch a wound) necessary supplies Own at least one 26% Have substantial weapon 24% cash on hand 2$ 20% Grow my Plan an 20% own food escape route Run practice drills to ensure I can leave quickly 09% 09% Develop my own source of water Develop my own source 09% of power such as wind or solar 08% Build a bomb shelter 06% 03% Keep my own livestock Other *25 nothing A bug-out-bag is a portable kit that contains items one needs to survive for 72 hours in a disaster evacuation. Timeliness and Resources If you only had to take care of yourself, how long could your survive on the supplies you have in your home? If you had to vacate your town during a catastrophe about how quickly would you be able to leave with everything you need to survive? Less than a day 1-6 days Less than 1 minute 20-29 minutes 7-13 days 14-27 days 1-9 minutes 30-59 minutes 28-59 days 28-59 days 10-14 minutes 60-112 minutes 100 days+ 15-19 minutes 120+ minutes lh. lh. lh. lh. lh. lh. lh. How many bug out bags do you own? 1-3 bags | 4-7 bags 10+ bags Which bug-out bag is your most essential? Where do you keep your bug-out bag? Get home bag Medical bag Diaper bag Near the front In the car door of the house At work Other lh. lh. lh. lh. What are the most important items in your bug-out bag? :: Food + Water 44% Weapon + Ammo 57% Flashlight 26% Other 22% How often do your add or re-arrange items in your bug-out bag? How do you pack your bug-out bag? Pack items Just Daily Grouped by most essential Weekly based on throw their weight it all in need with Monthly Yearly quickest access lh. lh. lh. Which is the best size for your bug-out bag? 24% 07% 35% 45% Messenger Bag Large Duffel Bag Small Backpack Large Backpack How many times have you had to use your bug-out bag for an emergency? 44% 35% 13% 03% 03% 01% O Times 1-2 Times 3-4 Times 5-6 Times 7-8 Times 9+ Times lh. If you had room to pack one "luxury" item (not essential to survival), what would it be? Candy 11% Toilet Paper 27% Makeup 00% Coffee 18% Whiskey 22% Beer 05% 12% Tobacco Other 15% lh. lh. lh. lh. llh. lh. 5.110 ALWAYS BE READY. Website: Facebook: Twitter: SOURCES Kelton Research. Doomsday Preppers Survey. 03 Jan 2012. Raw Data 5.11 Tactical Inc. Your bug-out bag style survey. 21 Feb 2013. Raw Data ............. Allh. Allh. Allh.

Are You Ready?

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Prepping in its simplest form is being prepared for the future, whether it’s a natural disaster, financial collapse or a flat tire in the desert. Essential prepping is having go-bags or bug-out bags...


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