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Are You A Low-Priority Task Binger?

KnowledgeTrain aim · achieve advance Are YOU a low-priority “task binger?" MUST DO! MUST MUST LATE! TODAY! PRIORITY! DUE DO! LATE! HIGH PRIORITY! MUST DO! HIGH LATE! HIGH PRIORITY! MUST !! DO! !! DO! LATE! DUE TODAY! HIGH PRIORITY! LATE! HIGH MUST DO! LATE! PRIORITY! HIGH PRIORITY! DUE TODAY! "Bingeing" on low priority tasks from your to-do list is a sure sign of procrastination. know... Did you. Did you know.... It is typical To-do lists behaviour of a can become a crutch of procrastinator to avoid high priority tasks reassurance that we're organised know.. know.. Did you . Did you. Tasks without a proper plan are the ones we find most difficult to tackle 15-20% of the population are procrastinators; and everybody is to some extent know.. know.. Did you pid you Psychologists define Procrastination is fuelled by the enjoyment of adrenaline when procrastination as a gap between intention and put under action pressure Some symptoms and solutions of procrastination Symptoms Solutions Your motto is "I perform better under pressure." Split your tasks into daily and weekly sub-goals, so you always have a deadline coming up. You religiously check your email & social networks Turn notifications off and designate certain times in the day to do this. whilst doing work. You tell yourself "I have ages to finish this! I'll do Ask yourself "Why not today?" Then begin! something else instead." You rarely finish your to-do list and say "lack of time" is the culprit. Estimate how long it will take to complete each task. You will soon see how much time you have been wasting! Familiarise yourself with the pro's & con's of each choice, then accept the implications. Finally, just go for it! You put off making decisions. Procrastination can be linked to.. Boredom Low self Perfectionism) worth Lack of confidence in the task (Impulsiveness Delaying potential stress of starting a task Taking on too much Anxiety work Are you ready to start that task yet? (Share this graphic first) Discover more project management themed resources at: Copyright © 2013 Knowledge Train Limited TODAY! TODAY!

Are You A Low-Priority Task Binger?

shared by steph-rowe on Mar 31
Did you know that "binging" on low priority tasks is a classic sign of procrastination? Here are some symptoms of procrastination and the solutions to help you to beat it!


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