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Are You Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis?

Scalled Mу Money Are You Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis? A quarter-life crisis occurs a quarter of the way through adulthood, not your life. It can strike when you're around 25 to 35 years old. If you're freaking out because you don't know what's going on in your life or what the future holds then yeah, it's a hard knock life and you might be experiencing a quarter-life crisis. Who's Generally Born after 1980. affected?: Other Millennials Black A.K.A. Gen Y/Peter Pan Gen/Net Gen/ Boomerang Gen/Echo Boomers ispanic White What's important: 52% Politics Becoming a good parent. 30% Between the two big parties. A successful marriage. 21% Democratic Helping others. 20% Party 55% Owning their own home. 15% Living religiously. 15% A high paying job. Republican Party 45% 9% Free time. 1% Being famous. (Seriously?) What's got Gen Y down? of millennials feel under pressure to 86% succeed in these before the age of 30: Relationships Having a decent boyfriend/girlfriend Getting engaged Being in a successful marriage Careers Earning enough to pay off student debt Entering a career track An enjoyable job • C.R.E.A.M. (Dont understand? Time to Isten to some dassical musc.) Quarter-life is a period that's difficult for any generation, but it is really taking its toll on Gen Y. Those entering the job market in the wake of the recession have an "Millennials have a very conventional notion of the American dream - a spouse, a house, a kid – but it is not going to be easy for them to get those things." especially rough journey. Many have hope that they'll begin their post-college lives getting jobs, but instead they become part of the 17% millenial-aged unemployed who move back in with their parents. Wah wah. Neil Howe, an author of the 1991 book "Generations." There's Hope With These 5 Steps 1. Share your problems 2: Recognize how you're feeling 3: Figure out what you want 4: Make an action plan 5: Redefine success For more Gen Y goodness visit Memes Used: Epic Win, F That Yao Ming, Forever Alone Happy, and Troll Face Sources: Pew Research • Huffington Post • MSN Living • The Guardian Designed by @verbality

Are You Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis?

shared by verbality on Jul 22
What is a quarter-life crisis, who has it, why they have it, and how to overcome.


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