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Are Timeshares Worth The Cost

DIRECT TRANSFERS PRESENTS ARE TIMESHARES WORTH THE COST? he Board Game START HERE You've agreed to listen to a timeshare pitch & earn a "free" vacation for During your "free" vacation, a saleman smooth talks you into buying a timeshare with a 7 year mortgage making the your family. A $2,000 value. To complete your timeshare annual boarding fee purchase you find out you have recording & transfer fees to pay for, totaling Now that you've completed your purchase, you decide to go on your first vacation as a timeshare "owner." You save around $1,000 on boarding. D...............n April is approaching and as you While balancing your check- book you realize that have a Altough you saved on your boarding costs, you still need to pay for your travel costs. prepare your taxes you realize you in owe property taxes for your new timeshare. new utility bill to each month You spend After a few for your timeshare. years going on the same vacation, you decide you You spend You return from your vacation relaxed & over annually. want to sell your time- share. You call Direct BILL DUE Transfers to help sell your unit. recharged. You open your mail & receive your first time- share main- BILL DUE tenance bill for Your SOLD annual timeshare fee of 1,000 comes in the mail the same time you learn you can't travel this year due to work. TIME SHARE SOLD! FOR SALE Total Cost of Timeshare if you kept your timeshare for 20 years Sources: Direct Transfers sells your timeshare leaving you stress & debt free! http://bit,ly/sR3 1pi http://bit,ly/u7txgM http://bit,ly/VUY3MM http://bit,ly/VCAX87 http://bit,ly/doxlg http://bit,ly/9e4kNn http://bit,ly/SRV5CP http://bit,ly/julenl http://bit,ly/U6ISDG http://bit,ly/tuMSaV $128.440 YOU WIN

Are Timeshares Worth The Cost

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Timeshares may be our business here at Direct Transfers but we still understand that they can be very confusing. With all the fees and special assessments spread out it can be hard to see where all yo...


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