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Arab Wealth - Everything You Need to Know

Arab Wealih Everything You Need to Know Arab Money - Who's Got It Number of Billionaires in Arab Countries: Saudi Arabia Sgypt Lebanow Kuwait UAE Moroco 8. 6 5 4 A Few of the Wealihiest Arabs FAMILY HRH PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL AL SAUD THE OLAYAN FAMILY THE SAWIRIS Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Egypt Net Worth Net Worth Net Worth $26.6 $12.9 Billion $11.2 Billion Billion Owns More than Took over and expanded the Orascom conglomerate into a telecommunications, construction, real estate, hotel and 50 News Corporation Companies Owns a 7% STAKE FOX development business. in News Corp which VNEWS owns Fox News Channel Has large stake in Credit Suisse Kingdom Holding invested $300m CREDIT SUISSE investment in Twitter Launched first mobile operators in Egypt and North Korea which equals • Developed Saudi Arabia's earliest electrical power companies company • Founded the country's first public utility, the National Gas Company Owns: 300+ Luxury Cars koryolink * x100 mobinil 747 Jetliner Fust Arabian Super Sports Cor Private 747, Lukan Hypersport Only seven, each priced from $3.4 million $3.4M $220M • Twin turbocharged flat-six • 750 horsepower • 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds • Top speed of 395 km/h (245 mph) 750 14 PERSON • White gold LED headlights encrusted with diamonds • Can integrate rubies, emeralds or DINING TABLE 345KMH sapphires throughout the car Glamour and Glütg Ở Sxtremely Sxpensive Aboya World's Most Sxpemsive Mobile Number • Total of 3,000 stones • 50 two-carat black diamonds • 50 two-carat white diamonds • 1,899 black-and-white pointer The sale of the number raised QAR 10 million (US$ 2.75 million) at the event. diamonds • 1,000 pointer rubies. • 14-carat gold thread 666-6666 $15.9M $2.75M Doing What No One Slse Has Done 3 Tallest Buildings in the World Buj Khalifa Mecca Royal Tower Kingdom Tower CURRENTLY THE TALLEST BUILDING ION THE WORLD UNDER CONSTRUCTION • Tallest clock tower • Located in Dubai, UAE • Featured in Mission Impossible COMPLETION DATE: 2018 and largest clock face in the world • Located in Jeddah, KSA • When completed, will 162 become world's tallest building • First structure to reach • Built on top of 18th century Turkish fortress FLOORS the one-kilometer mark $1.3 • Overlooks Al-Masjid al-Haram and the Kaaba, the most sacred mosque in Islam Billion Led by: WALEED BIN TALAI SECOND TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD 69 Weight of Concrete Used =100K ELEVATORS FROM TOP COOLS FLOORS ELEPHANTS • Muslims only BELOW Building a Sustainable Fuiune King Abdullah Scholarship Program The Saudi government invests a hefty $2.4 BILLION G ABDULLAH each year sending students abroad KING 130,000 Saudi Students 24% in 46 Countries "For them to know the world and for the world to know them." Women Undergraduate Flelds of Study are Limited To: UNITED KINGDOM UNITED STATES MEDICINE 15% 30% A MEDICINE SCIENCE CANADA 11% 8% Z HEAL TH SCIENCE 32% AUSTRALIA More than OTHER 71,000 Since its beginnings in 2005 STUDENTS 47K STUDENTS students have graduated from Western universities are Studying in the United States Historio Ability to Sunive Whihout Enough Fresh Water A Datar Planned Renewable Resource Project $2 BILLION INVESTMENT Problems: Solutions: • Cover the desert with solar panels • 1800 megawatts produces 3.5 m cubit meters of water • Provides farms with water to produce food 30% decline in farms since 2008 Only 1% of land in Qatar is Cultivated Only 2 days of potable water in reserve Energy Produces Water through Desalination Percipitation Per Yean Qatar 74mm Brazil 1782mm Water Used to Cultivate Farms Despite Limited Water Supply IMPORTS 90% OF THEIR FOOD Masdar City UAE Self Sustaining Cry Project in Abu Dhabi O$19.8 BILLION POWERED BY: COST wind energy ZERO Smmision and No Gas Power Waste City Cars Allowed solar energy am 50,000 RESIDENTS 1500 Completion Date: BUSINESSES 2025 geothermal energy RESOURCES: t hypersport-ar151988.html number sold/ report/2013/03/01/americans-must-do-more-to-welcome-saudi-scholarship-students Tower attiya_a_country_with_no_water.html Brought to you by: ISTIZADA.COM HEIGHT: 828M 15%POPULATION GROWTH $300M H/WN99 Fastest Elevators HEIGHT: 601M SAVAAVAVAVAAVAVAW FLIGHT ATTENDANTS HEIGHT: IK COOL AIR

Arab Wealth - Everything You Need to Know

shared by Boshers on Aug 07
This infographic outlines all sorts of fascinating facts about Arabs and their money. Some interesting facts included in the infographic are the number of billionaires in the Arabic speaking world, so...




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