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America's Billion Dollar Baby Scam

AMERICA'S BILLION DOLLAR BABY SCAM Marketers make billions betting each year on the anxieties of American parents and their willingness to overspend on their babies. The official Big Baby line: when it comes to $800 strollers and Mommy and Me Yoga, families concerned with the best in health and safety will spend to catch up. CONSIDER FOUR THINGS NEW PARENTS ARE SPENDING TOO MUCH ON AND HOW TO AVOID BABY BUYER'S REMORSE: DEBUNKED BABY MEDIA DISNEY CONTROLS 90% OF THE GLOBAL BABY DVD MARKET (Experts call the hypnotizing baby videos "electronic babysitters") DISNEY'S BABY-EDUCATIONAL SERIES LIKE BABY EINSTEIN SELL AN ESTIMATED $200M YEARLY $200M $68.3M That's over 2X THE $68.3 MILLION SALES OF LEAPFROG'S ENTIRE LINE OF PRODUCTS- including interactive videos that help elementary students in Math and English In 2009, amid complaints that babies weren't getting smarter, DISNEY DROPPED "EDUCATIONAL" FROM LABELS EDUCATIONAL (Disney refunded $15.99 for up to four "Baby Einstein" DVDS per household) SCIENTIFIC INFANT FORMULA Required to provide the same 29 vitamins and minerals infants need, GENERIC INFANT FORMULA IS GUARANTEED BY DOCTORS AND THE FDA TO BE EQUALLY NUTRITIOUS AND SAFE AS DESIGNER BRANDS. IESIGIER FORMULA 49% OF SURVEYED MOMS STILL BELIEVE EXPENSIVE INFANT FORMULA IS MORE NUTRITIQUS $35.00 $12.88 ENFAMIL Parents Choice Yearly cost of 19.3 oz Yearly cost of 23.2 oz package of Enfamil's Parent's Choice Infant Nutramigen formula: formula: $2.030 $747.04 TODAYS LARGEST PHARMACEUTICAL CONGLOMERATE, GLAXO SMITH-KLINE, FIRST MANUFACTURED POWDERED BABY'S MILK IN 1908 By 1922, Glaxo's Baby Book convinced MILLIONS OF MOTHERS THAT FORMULA IS BETTER THAN BREASTMILK FORMULA IN 2011. $688 MILLION WAS SPENT ON ADVERTISING BABY FORMULA & FOOD PRODUCTS $688M $500M That's more than PEPSI'S $500 MILLION AD BUDGET for its beverage brands like Gatorade, Pepsi, & Tropicana * APPROVED * The U.S. Surgeon General recommends breast milk to infant formula, anyway; FORMULA-FED INFANTS ARE 2X MORE LIKELY THAN BREASTFED INFANTS TO COME DOWN WITH COLDS, DIARAHEA, AND EAR INFECTIONS OVER-ENGINEERED SAFETY Before 2003, the most expensive double stroller on the market was the ICANDY PEAR TANDEM AT $700 iCandy Pear $700 $1.200 Bugaboo Donkey 1990S 2003 2012 IN 2003, THE $1,200 "BUGABOO DONKEY" STROLLER ENTERED THE U.S. MARKET IN 20 It features Folded, it SECONDS IT ALL-TERRAIN BARELY TRANSFORMS WHEELS, FITS in to fit: 1 large SUSPENSION the BACK toddler; twins; ANTI-LOCK OF A or 1 baby and 1 BRAKING and HONDA toddler SUSPENSION CIVIC SSSS (1 in 3 parents surveyed say they spent more than necessary on a stroller) BABY ADVICE BIBLES WITH OVER 10.000 TITLES, THE BABY ADVICE INDUSTRY IS BOOMING MORE THAN EVER 1975 1997 5X AS MANY PARENTING BOOKS were printed in 1997 as in 1975 DR. BENJAMIN SPOCK PROTESTED THIS OVERLY-THEORIZED PARENTING IN "THE COMMON SENSE OF BABY AND CHILD CARE" IN 1946 55M 50M 50 MILLION COPIES of Dr. Spock's book have been sold since 1946 (Nearly matching the 55 million Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionaries sold since 1898) 1898 1946 2012 HIS PARENTING GUIDE IS ESTIMATED TO BE THE ZTH BEST SELLING NON-FICTION BOOK OF ALL TIME #1 #7 There are 39 translations of his book and its message: "Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." All this spending pressure is making parents feel needlessly stressed: 37% OF NEW MOTHERS SURVEYED EXPRESS GUILT OVER NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD A CERTAIN BABY PRODUCT. But now that 48% of expecting parents are now reporting "everyday expenses" as their greatest financial worry, U.S. parents are right to reconsider what's best for their babies and their budgets. Brought to you by END FRUGAL DAD Sources (LF) html?_r=1&ref=education http://www.ncbi.nim.nih gov/pubmed/7174587 1&ie=UTF-88tbm=shop&cid=5665785564790621686&sa=X&ei=dSdDT6zqJ-msiQ LpoNjRAQ& ved=0CigBEPMCMAE src=14110944&sourceid=1500000000000003260330 paf http.// %3Dsquidoox5645-20%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953%26creativeASIN%3D0375401202 htm The Common Sense of Baby & Child Care O BABY WE ARE YOUNG Babies R C RAISE YOUR CHILDREN! Parenting

America's Billion Dollar Baby Scam

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There are all kinds of amazing products out there to help new parents, and I am a strong proponent of using technology to assist with parenting. That being said, it’s interesting to know facts regar...


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