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America's Best Dressed and Most Casual Cities

America's BEST DRESSED MOST CASUAL and Cities BY ANALYZING the percentage of restaurants that have a business casual or better dress code, we determined which U.S. cities are the Best Dressed and which cities are the Most Casual. BEST DRESSED CITIES 1. Beverly Hills, CA 2. Palm Beach, FL 3. Honolulu, HI 4. Washington, DC 3 5. Scottsdale, AZ MOST CASUAL CITIES 5 1. Boulder, CO 2. Oakland, CA 3. Bloomington, IL 4. Newark, NJ 5. Sonoma, CA BREAKING DOWN RESTAURANT DRESS CODES TO FIND AMERICA'S BEST DRESSED CITY Just slightly more than half of the restaurants in the United States require patrons to dress "business casual" or better, and only a tiny percentage (less than 1%) require patrons to wear a jacket. The data below shows how the Best Dressed and Most Casual cities compare to the national average. USA (national average) best-dressed most casual cities cities CASUAL SMART CASUAL BUSINESS CASUAL JACKET PREFERRED/BETTER Want to know what these dress codes mean? Visit to learn more. AGE AND INCOME MATTER After determining which cities had the highest percentage of restaurants with a "business casual" or better dress code, we learned that the Average Median Age & Average Median Income in the Best Dressed cities was a bit higher than the national average. 67.4 49.2 45.4 43.6 41.3 38.7 Median Age (National) 36.2 34.1 32.3 28.7 Median Income (National) Conversely, these numbers are lower than average in the Most Casual cities, except for one: Sonoma, California. For some reason, folks in Sonoma don't like to dress up, even though they're just as wealthy and just as mature as people in America's best dressed cities. All income and age data sourced from 2010 US Census. Dress code data provided by All efforts were made to develop an accurate infographic. However, some income and median age data provided by the census is localized in mysterious manner, so we make no guarantee about the absolute accuracy of this graphic (although we believe it is accurate). Infographic developed by Spork Marketing. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License - you are free to use the image as you see fit, but you must include attribution with a link to SPORK CC marketing BY SA Sonoma, CA. Newark, NJ Bloomington, IL Oakland, CA Boulder, $65,728 CO co. Sonoma, CA Newark, $35,659| Scottsdale, AZ Bloomington, $56,510 Washington, DC Oakland, $49,721 Honolulu, IL Н HI co $51,779 Palm Beach, CA FL Boulder, $71,564 Beverly Hills, CA Scottsdale, $58,526 $110,935 Washington, $70,093 Honólulu, HI $83,463 Palm Beach, FL Beverly Hills, CA

America's Best Dressed and Most Casual Cities

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America's Best Dressed and Most Casual cities, as determined by analyzing restaurant dress codes.


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