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America's Beach Love Affair

AMERIAN'S BEACH LONE AFFALR A LOOK BACK AT WHERE THE BEACH CRAZE ALL STARTED W MOHS SOME SKIN COOL TUNES SURF'S UP 1960 A $0.98 novelty HYLAND record titled Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is released, and sparks a bikini craze that shocks the nation out of the prim and proper 1950s. 1961 Surfing culture was a major contributor to the rise of the beach craze, and it became so popular that teenagers in Kansas were even bolting surfboards to the top of their cars to mimic the aura of the surfing lifestyle BRIAN The Beach Boys released their first album, Surfin, which brought surf culture to the hearts and minds of the masses for the better part of the decade. ITSY BITSY TEENIE WEENIE YELLOW POLKADOT BIKINI The Beach Boys Select 1960s Hit Songs ORIGINALE Date Release & Top 40 Debut "Surfin' Safari" Sept 62 - #14 "Surfin' U.S.A" 1962 The first James Bond film, Dr. No, is released, featuring actress Ursula Apr 63 - #3 "Surfer Girl" Andress in a revealing white bikini. Audiences take notice, and a 50-year film franchise is born. In the 60s, beach movies were all the rage. Gidget kicked things off in 1959, Elvis followed suit in 1961 with Blue Hawaii, and teen sensations Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello starred in a slew of beach pictures after their surprise hit, Beach Party, in 1963. These films usually July 63 - #7 "Little Deuce Coupe" Sept 63 - #15 "True To Your School" Oct 63 - #6 "Little Saint Nick" Dec 63 - #3 "Fun, Fun, Fun" Feb 64 - #5 "I Get Around" May 64 - #1 "Don't Worry Baby" May 64 - #24 "When I Grow Up" Aug 64 - #9 "Dance, Dance, Dance" Oct 64 - #8 involved carefree, squeaky-clean teenagers dancing, surfing and having fun on the sand, and a nation full of young moviegoers fell in love with the beach. "Do You Wanna Dance" Feb 65 - #12 "Help Me, Rhonda" Apr 65 - #1 1964 SportsARS FERIT BI llustrateu The first Sports "California Girls" Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is published at a cost of $0.25, establishing the bikini as a socially acceptable piece of swimwear. July 65 - #3 "Barbara Ann" Dec 65 - #2 "Sloop John B" Mar 66 - #3 "Wouldn't It Be Nice" July 66 - #8 "Good Vibrations" Oct 66 - #1 Women were not the only ones baring their flesh at the beach in the 60s. Men were sporting teeny weeny snap shorts, or "mod shorts," as their swimwear of choice. Even James Bond himself. The 1960s saw the advent of the portable transistor radio, which meant for the first time in history people could actually bring music with them to the beach. (Cost: $7-$10) A glowing tan was a COPPERTONE Suntan Od badge of honor in beach culture, so most people used suntan oil, cocoa butter, or baby oil to harness the sun and The "Hipster" 8 Track Portable Cartridge Player was another way to hear favorite tunes while soaking up some rays at the beach. However, it posed many problems for consumers as it was know to jam up frequently. (Cost: $24.95 for the player; $1.29 for an 8-track cartridge) SPRAY Major innovative changes were being done to the design of the Surfboard in the 1960s. The length was decreased to make it faster and easier to maneuver achieve a deep, dark bronzed look. and a second fin was added for stability. For those with fair skin (or the foresight to think that hours in the blazing sun might not be good for you), 1962 saw the introduction of The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for Meet the Ahsic Machines Portable Tape Cartridge Players that go where you ga play what you want to hear COPPERTONE o. ATAPE sunscreens, although there were no SPF numbers until 1972. COPPERTONE SUNTAN PnODUCTS The "Hipster" ultimate Coupons 19605 BEACH ESSENTIALS Presented by SOURCES: COKE $.10 a bottle BUDWEISER $2.50 for six-pack "SWINGER" CAMERA $19.95 SUNSCREEN/OIL $.60 OSCAR MAYER HOT DOGS $.75 a pack http://www.pophistory Budweiser http://www.thepeoplehist HEINZ KETCHUP $.22 a bottle where thae's fethek Bud For extra fun. http://www.fiftiesweb. com/ take more than one! DAIRY QUEEN ICE CREAM $.15 - $.30 19"swings it. 46/628037/The-guy-- behind-Sls-- swimsuit-edition Coppertone gives you i better tan" http://www.allstaractivitie ory-of-surfing.htm Take an extra carton of Caket FRISBEE $1.00 Cöke The Swinger

America's Beach Love Affair

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How are you celebrating the summer? Family Picnic? Neighborhood BBQ? How about a beach blast to the past with a nostalgic infographic from! In the 1960s, the beach craze captured t...


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