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Amazing things only mothers do

Amazing things Only Mothers D. Mothers sacrifice everything for us even at the cost of their own comfort. Don't wait until they're gone to show your care. MOMMY AND BABY STATISTICS COSTS OF RAISINGA CHILD 18 years old 1 year old 7,000 242,000 2 Billion Mothers in the world On average, each mom has 2 Babies A mom is willing to get a second job just so that her child can get the best education. 4.3 Babies Were born per second. A DAY OF A WORKING MOM "A mother who is really a mother is never free" -Honore de Balzac - Sleeping: 6 hours Chores: 3 hours Child care: 3 hours (shopping for the home (feed the baby, cleaning, laundry.) US, over 60% of mothers Work o change diapers.) of them say they feel "pretty happy Relaxation: 2 hours Cooking: 2 hours Working: 8 hours Diapers by baby's 2nd birthday: 7,300 88%. of laundry is done by moms Baby requires mom's attention once every 330 loads of laundry each year or 210 x A day 5,300 articles of clothing each year THE GREATEST THINGS MOTHERS DO FOR THEIR CHILDREN .aside from the items above... Participate in her childclass; memorize all of the children's names and their favorite Become an obsessive collector of household objects (cartons, cans...) because they can be zoo animals turned into a wonderful craft for her child Wake up at midnight worrying about her 40 year old "kid" Wrestle a fierce bear to protect her son (a supermom in Canada has done this) Have you ever seen these supermoms in real life??? Our amazing moms do them all for free. No questions asked. MOMS WANT A DAY OFF MORE THAN JEWELRY if we ask them what they really want... 5% Jewelry 12% A day without chores 39% A day off to spend on her own 25% A day spent with family PRICELESS GIFTS FOR MOMS According to a research released in 2012 with over 2,000 participants, women appreciate personal relationships over material possessions Give her a massage Make a tribute video Clean & Decorate the house Cook for mom & her friends "The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance." - Brian Tracy - Sources: This message was brought toyouby PromoCodeAShare In the U

Amazing things only mothers do

shared by Megaads on May 01
Mother is the person who raised you, loved you and can comfort you best. A mother may hold you for a short while, but your heart forever. Whatever you are today, whatever you have achieved so far, you...


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