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All You Need to Know About March Birthstone Aquamarine

CHORDIA JEWELS CHORDIA JEWELS Jewels te be Treasered ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT то MARCH BIRTHSTONE AQUAMARINE Hey, all you March babies out there, This infographic is especially for you! We are going to enlighten you about Aquamarine. WHAT IS AQUAMARINE? It is a gemstone variety of the mineral beryl. Emerald is also a variant of the same mineral. The presence of iron in the beryl's structure gives aquamarine its colour while chromium traces cause the greenish hue of emerald. It primarily occurs in granite rocks. Similar to the other members of the beryl family aquamarines are discovered in large-sized crystals. EARLY HISTORY & FOLKLORE: The sailors used to wear aquamarine amulet during their travel. It was believed the gem could influence the sea waves. It could pacify the sea during bad weather keeping the mariners safe. The gemstone is presented as a gift to couples on their 19th wedding anniversary as it is thought to rekindle the love in marriage. IT'S ORIGIN: Minas Gerais has been the biggest supplier of aquamarine from the past two hundred years. The state of Brazil has a huge diversity in their land form, the gem is chiefly extracted from the hard rock and weathered deposits in the east part closely the center of Teófilo Otoni. In United States, Colorado, California's Riverside, and San Bernardino counties are major sources. Aquamarine is naturally blue and greenish-blue, the gemstone manufacturers often heat the stone to provide them deep blue color. The most preferred shade is a slight haze green-blue to dark blue. Conventionally the gem hardly has inclusions visible to naked eyes. Fine stones are uniformly blue with no bands of other colors. They are accessible in a variety of shapes such as emerald cut, pear, round, oval and fantasy cuts. The size can range can go higher than 25 carats. Sources: birthstone-aquamarine/

All You Need to Know About March Birthstone Aquamarine

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The people born in the third month are associated two Birthstones – Bloodstone and Aquamarine. The word ‘aquamarine’ is derived from the Latin word aquamarine, which means water from the sea. Th...


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