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All The Single Ladies

VA Mthe Single Ladios Y Love may not be in the air for these single ladies, but margaritas, Godiva, and some "me time" may be just what Cupid ordered. On Valentine's Day, if I could have just one ... Margarita Cosmo Sex on the Beach Fuzzy Navel Mojito Cocktail 27% 15% 14% 13% 8% "Independent Women," Destiny's 月 Child "I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor "You're the One that I Want," 月 Olivia Newton-John "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Taylor Swift "I Don't Want This Night to End," Luke Bryan Song Other 10% 11% 12% 19% 15% Crazy, Stupid, Love Magic Mike The Notebook Little Mermaid Movie Dirty Dancing Showing top five of ten thematic associations selected via aided list On Valentine's Day I feel ... Valentine's Day ... Top 2 Box Ratings NOSTALSIC Tume MELANCHOLY INCOMPLETE NOTHING SPECIAL ALONE DEPRESSED THE SAMEPPRENENSIVE FABULOOSLY HAPPY Comes with too ANNOYED HAPPY AMBIVALENT EXCITED 65% many expectations DO NOT CARE UNINTERESTED INDIFFERENT NEUTRAL Is overrated 58% BITIAL OPTIMISTIC APATHETIC OK DISINTERESTED INEXCITED Is cliché 52% SADNESS ISATE LONELY COOL SADORAY GOOD AS ALWAYS RELIEVED Something I look 22% ALL BIET FINE INENTSED RESIENED VERY SWEET RELAXED forward to 35% However, some find comfort in numbers, spending time with ... Friends Pets Will be spending Valentine's Day alone Parents Children Most common plans include ... Going out to dinner 12% Cooking dinner 10% Spending time with family Having a cozy night in 28% 15% Top brand associations by category ... Hallmark GODIVA Chocolatier TIFFANY & CO, 1800 HERSHEY'S Russell Stover ProFlowers ZALES JARED AMERICAN GREETINGS PAPYRUS The Galleria Of Jewelry CANDIES FTD.COM Some of our favorite DON'T YOU messages to an ex ... AIN'T NOTHING WISH I STILL BUT A HOUND CARED? I HATE YOUR DOG! GUTS, KID. WHO's SORRY NOW? EAT YOUR So LONG HEART OUT! SUCKA! Survey included 200 female US residents, ages 18+, who are currently single. BUZZB ACK think forward © 2014 BuzzBack LLC For more information, email [email protected]

All The Single Ladies

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, we were curious how single ladies would be celebrating. Our study reached out 200 female US residents, ages 18+, who are currently single. What are their plans? How do ...






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