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All About That Lump of Coal In Your Christmas Stocking

EVERYTHING LUMP OF YOU NEEDED TO | KNOW ABOUT THAT GUALSTOCKING. IN YOUR CHRISTMAS COAL HAS HELD A MULTIFUNCTIONAL ROLE IN HISTORY. IT HAS BEEN A FORCE BEHIND THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, INCREASES IN CO2, AND THE PRACTICE OF PUNISHING NAUGHTY CHILDREN ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. FOLKLORE ORIGINS As the legend goes, children on the naughty list receive a lump of coal in their stocking instead of toys and presents. How did this come about? It all depends on which country you ask: In Holland, coal was given to naughty children by Zwarte Piet, St. Nicholas's devilish companion, to remind children that they would be punished (or burned) for bad behavior. In Italy, it is believed that Befana comes on January 5 to give small gifts to children. But the naughty children receive only a piece of dark candy called Carbonne Dolce But, a lump of coal in the mid 19th century had some value. Receiving a lump of coal meant that you would be able to heat your bedpan at night. Some contend that the story of La Befana originated in Sicily, where bad children would get carbon, onions or garlic. TYPES OF COAL Coal is classified into four main types, depending on the amounts of carbon and heat energy it can produces. The lowest carbon content is only for the naughtiest of naughty list members. ANTHRACITE BITUMINOUS SUBBITUMINOUS LIGNITE 89%-97% 45%-86% carbon 35%-45% carbon 25%-35% carbon carbon E mined in PENNSYLVANIA largest producers WEST VIRGINIA PENNSYLVANIA largest producers WYOMING largest producers TEXAS NORTH DAKOTA PERCENTAGE OF COAL MINED IN THE U.S.: PERCENTAGE OF COAL MINED IN THE U.S.: PERCENTAGE OF COAL MINED IN THE U.S.: PERCENTAGE OF COAL MINED IN THE U.S.: 50% 100% 0% 50% 100% 0% 50% 100% 50% 100% 5% 47% 46% 7% SORT OF NAUGHTY A LITTLE NAUGHTY VERY NAUGHTY TOO NAUGHTY Subbituminous is seen only in Bituminous is often given to individuals guilty of drinking 4loko and taking more than one free sample. Lignite is exclusively given only to the naughtiest of children, Anthracite is a suitable coal for the stockings of those that trampled fellow shoppers on black Friday and hacked into celebrity twitter accounts. those on the naughty list guilty of watching the full season of much like Charlie Sheen. Dancing with the Stars and Glee. COAL ENERGY Below is a simplified diagram of coal production and coal stocking placement. NORTH 100 MILLION YEARS PRESSURE MINED REJECTED PIECES ARE SENT TO THE NORTH POLE SORTED COAL STEAM TURNS THE TURBINE POWERS ELECTRIC GENERATOR НЕАT BURNED. Coal is typically composed of plant matter accumulated at the bottom of a large body of water. ELECTRICITY IS PRODUCED WATER PLACED IN NAUGHTY CHILD'S STOCKING COAL IS FURTHER SORTED ACCORDING TO TYPE BY SPECIALLY TRAINED WORKER ELVES COAL PLEASE Perhaps, instead of that new iPad or Xbox for Christmas you should be aiming for a lump of coal. Coal accounts for 45% of the U.S. energy production. With the increasing cost of coal and the decrease in supply reserves, coal stock is rising and is expected to continue to increase in price. COAL PRICE: $/ PER SHORT TON COAL PRICE $23.59 2005 COAL PRICE $25.16 2006 COAL PRICE $26.20 2007 COAL PRICE $31.25 2008 COAL PRICE $32.92 2009 15 US COAL RESERVES IN SHORT TONS US COAL STOCK SEPTEMBER 2009 246,070 US COAL STOCK DECEMBER 2009g 238,823 US COAL STOCK MARCH 2010 225,331 US COAL STOCK JUNE 2010 229,135 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 COAL PRODUCTION Coal production in short tons, with China leading the world in coal production. TOTAL WORLD PRODUCTION IN SHORT TONS 7.7 BILLION #1 PRODUCER CHINA IN SHORT TONS 3.4 BILLION #2 PRODUCER USA IN SHORT TONS 1.1 BILLION USE YOUR COAL Bad news, you actually did get a lump of coal in your stocking. Good news, you can now use it to heat your house. In 2008, a fraction of one percent of coal was used for residential heating. Natural gas still leads the pack by heating nearly 59 million U.S. homes. = 1,000 HOMES 131,000 80,000 HOÚSEHOLDS USE COAL HOÚSEHOLDS USE COAL AS A SECONDARY HEATING SOURCE = 1,000 TONS 300,000| TONS OF COAL USED IN RESIDENCES credit sesame Sources: EPA, EIA, Wikipedia, Woodhead Publishings, CNBC Money, NYTIMES பற்

All About That Lump of Coal In Your Christmas Stocking

shared by aleks on May 25
Coal: we know it as the force behind the industrial revolution, the villain behind increases in carbon emissions... and the practice of punishing naughty children on Christmas morning. Here’s how t...


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