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Alcohol Drinking Behavior of China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea

Cheers! ALCOHOL DRINKING BEHAVioR OF CHINA, TAIWAN, JAPAN AND KOREA AMONG DIFFERENT ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, BEER IS MOST POPULAR 52.1% 55.4% 81.8% 80.5% BEER MOST FAVORED BY OLDER JAPANESE ANO YOUN GER KOREAN ORINKERS UP 50 49 30 EVERYONE PREFERS LOCAL BEER BRANDS BEEA IWAH ( 台湾 啤酒 ) Cass Asalıi TSINGTAO 青島 啤酒 Fresh AN SEE 35-4% 28.6% 29.9% 42.9% ORIGINAL SNOW hite PAIRIN BEER 一 看 神 リ 16.7% 27.9% 13.7% 23.3% SUNTORY PREMIUM MALT'S OB Lager Heineken 燕京 啤酒 YANJING BEER 14.4% 23.8% 9.2% 5.9% MEoium SIZED CANNED BEER iS THE BEST VOLUME FOR ONE 500 ML 500ML 500ML 5OOML 350 ML 350ML 350ML 330ML 35.6% 33.6% 68.3% 16.6% 76.2 % 13.74 35.6% 34.4 % ORINKING AT HOME IS MOST ENJOYABLE Chinese and Korean youngsters like drinking at regular restaurants. Taiwanese females prefer to drink at home; but regardless of gender, Taiwanese love to drink up at regular Chinese restau- rants. Over 90% of Japanese drinkers like drinking at home, 2nd most popular place to drink is the iconic Japanese izakaya restaurants. BEST TIMING FOR CONSUMPTION 73-7 55-7 Friends /relatives visit 56.8 During or after meals 47.4 During or after meals Friends / relatives visit 71.5 During or after meals 50.7 25.5 Before going to sleep 44.7 Friends / relatives visit During or after meals 37.8 23.6 20.0 Watching any types of sports /games 26.0 Watching regular TV programs/ reading newspapers or magazines Watching regular TV programs / reading newspapers or magazines Watching regular TV programs/ reading newspapers or magazines Dio You Know? Il medieval Europe, beer was far more popular than water. It was a time when clean water was difficult to find and because beer went through the fermentation process, the 3-4% of alcohol present in the drink effectively made it cleaner than water. Survey Design / The survey was executed in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China utilizing GMORESEARCH Asia Cloud Panel, with over 500 valid samples per country. Fieldwork was carried out between May 2-9, 2014. The margin of error was plus or minus 4.38% at 95% confidence level. Discover more interesting knowledge with us: Data Source / inSIGHTXPLOrer. May 2014 Infographic Design / BeamMedia Watercolor Illustration / Chien-Hui Chung tumblr Facebook Other References / “BEER SAVED THE WORLD - WITHOUT BEER, WHERE WOULD WE BE NOW?" BeamMedia by Online Bachelor Degree Programs on DesignTAXI 創 媒體 CED

Alcohol Drinking Behavior of China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea

shared by Beamographic on Aug 14
An infographic of alcohol drinking behavior of China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. We asked illustrator to use watercolor to enrich the texture and the watery touch which regular computer graphics can't reach.




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