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Adventurers Health Guide

ADVENTURER'S HEALTH GUIDE Hiking Is a wonderful way to escape the modern world and return to nature. This gulde will help you stay healthy on your travels over tundras, deserts or troplcal ralnforests. Bon voyage. Always hike in a group and make sure you tell your friends and family where you are golng. EQUIPMENT Before packing your kit, consider the distance, duratlon and terrain of your trip, as well as any medicine you may require. FIRST-AID KIT Knife with A space blanket or thermal blanket to Aloe vera gel and toplcal antiblotlc Bandage tape. multl-tool. treat hypothermla. olntment. Thermometer. Tweezers. Pencil and paper. Latex gloves. 00 Dlarrhoea rellef tablets as well as Rehydratlon salts: Use these to help treat dehydratlon, dlarrhoea and heat exhaustlon. Non-adhesive dressing for protecting burns and blisters. Sterle dressing pads for applylng to wounds and butterfly bandages for clothlng to access an closing larger wounds. Trauma sclssors. These have a blunt end to protect the person as they cut away antihistamlnes and other types of paln rellef. Injured area of skin. OTHER ITEM EXAMPLES FOUND IN FIRST AID KIT Alcohol-free cleansing wlpes, skln rash cream, spray or cream for Insect bites and stings, eye wash and distlled water for cleaning wounds. ENVIRONMENTS DESERTS A waterless, desolate area of land with little or no vegetation, typically covered with sand. Water How to handle the heat It's crudal to carry drinking water with you. Drink lots of water - even if you aren't thirsty. More heat = more sweat = loss of water Wear loose-fitting, Ught-coloured clothes, and a hat. ICON KEY Drink plenty wet clothes, of flulds DO NOT USE Call emergency Wet skin with Ice cold water Cool shaded Recovery positlon area drink water services cool water ILLNESS HEAT CRAMPS HEAT EXHAUSTION HEATSTROKE Loss of salt, water and electrolytes In a hot environment. Body temperature rises above natural levels. SImilar to heat exhaustlon, but more extreme. The body becomes unable to cool Itself. Selzures Sweating Pale skin & weak Rapld heart rate Muscle palns and/ or spasms In the abdomen Muscle palns and/ or spasms In arms Confused Nausea &dizziness Muscle palns and/ or spasms In legs Stroke-like symptoms WILDLIFE Because the desert is such a hostile environment, fauna is rare. However, many venomous snakes can be found, including: Tiger rattlesnake Artzona and Mexlco Great Basin rattlesnake Desert Horned Viper North Africa and Middle East Nevada and Utah TUNDRA BIOME A vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe, Asla, and North America In which the subsoll is permanently frozen. Tundra is a type of land where the low temperature hinders tree growth. There are three types of tundra: Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET WET DON'T OVERHEAT If you overheat, you will sweat. As sweat evaporates, your body temperature Is reduced. Take off your gloves or unbutton your Jacket to cool down a little. Water will cool you down and could lead to a cold Injury. WEAR LOOSE LAYERS OF INSULATING CLOTHING Body heat Is easly lost from an unprotected head, neck, wrlsts and ankles. Arctic tundra If you're hiking in tundra, it's This Is because these more likely to be arctic tundra. areas are good radlators of heat and have very Little Insulating fat. Located far north ike Russia & Canada. HOW TO TREAT FROSTBITE Place the affected area In warm water - around 40-41°C - for at least 30 mlnutes. Repeat this process twlce a day until there are clear signs that the affected body part Is healing. If the treatment Is working, the skin colour will return to normal. Get out of the cold and seek shelter before treating frostblte. If you begin to warm the affected area and It gets re- Remove once the affected exposed, there will ukely be further Irreversible damage. area has a reddish-purple colour and can be moved. WILDLIFE Arctic fox Arctic hare Carlbou Musk-Ox Very fast Very fast Large and powerful Large and dangerous ANIMALS THAT MIGHT EAT YOU Helght: 3v2 feet at shoulders Helght: 5 feet Length: Over 8 feet Length (standlng): 7.25 to 8 feet Average welght: 800lbs Average welght: 900 to 1,600 lbs Grizzly Bears Grizzly bears bulld up a store of fat in summer and autumn for Insulatlon In winter. Polar Bears From seals to whale carcasses, polar bears will hunt almost anything - so beware. TROPICAL RAINFOREST A luxurlant, dense forest rich in blodiversity, found typlcally In tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall (at least 200cm a year). WEATHER The maln thing to remember Is that It could raln at any time. So pack your clothes accordingly. BEWARE OF THE SUN On the rare occaslons that you are not shaded by the trees', INSECTS the troplcal sun can be very damaging to your skin and can The warm, humld cause you to overheat. environment Is the perfect conditlon for Insects. CLOTHING They can bite you, Infecting you with dangerous and often deadly diseases. Wear ight, breathable materlals and avold waterproof clothing. This will allow your skin to breathe and any sweat to evaporate. VACCINATIONS Research whlch vaccinatlons you need for the ralnforest you are hiking through. WILDLIFE Contrary to what you might think, you won't clash with many specles of anlmals In a ralnforest, as most of the beastles live In the trees. However, there are some dangerous anlmals to be found: AMAZON DAINTREE JAGUARS SALTWATER CROCODILE Kill prey by crushing thelr skull with thelr Jaws. Largest crocodilian on the planet. Type: Mammal Life span: 12 - 15 years Life span: 70 years Dlet: Type: Reptle Dlet: Carnivore Carnivore Protectlon status: Near threatened Protection status: Low risk THE CONGO CHIMPANZEES LEOPARDS Type: Mammal Dlet: Omnivore LIfe span: 45 years Type: Mammal Life span: 10-15 years Dlet: Carnivore Protection status: Near threatened Protectlon status: Endangered courtesy of acreative ©commons

Adventurers Health Guide

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It’s important to stay as healthy as possible while on your travels. This helpful travel health guide presents details on the bare essentials you may need, depending on which far corner of the globe...


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