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Achievement Unlocked: US Army

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: U.S. ARMY Love achievement hoarding? So do the members of the US Army! Here are many of the badge and medal "achievements" soldiers can earn throughout their careers. MARKSMAN Congratulations, soldier! You've successfully completed a weapons qualification course, and are now eligible to exit initial training. SHARPSHOOTER Looking sharp! You've demonstrated marksman skills above and beyond the minimum requirements. EXPERT Bullseye! You've passed a weapons qualification course with flying colors, earning you the top marksmanship badge. Soldiers must re-qualify every 12 months (or less) with the same weapon – and at the same level – if they want to continue wearing the relevant marksmanship badge. RIFLE PISTOL AA ARTY AUTO RIFLE MACHINE GUN FIELD ARTILLERY TANK WEAPONS FLAMETHROWER SUBMACHINE GUN ROCKET LAUNCHER GRENADE CARBINE RECOILLESS RIFLE MORTAR BAYONET SMALL BORE RIFLE SMALL BORE PISTOL MISSILE A soldier can wear a maximum of three qualification bars. AERO WEAPONS PHYSICAL FITNESS BADGE Hoo-rah! You've earned at least 270 points on the 300-point physical fitness test, with a minimum of 90 in each section. ARMY SERVICE RIBBON You made it! Congratulations on getting through Basic Training. NATIONAL DEFENSE SERVICE MEDAL Your country thanks you for your honorable active duty service, for any period of time since September 11, 2001. DISTINGUISHED RIFLEMAN Your rifle skills in competition have proved exceptional, earning you at least 30 credit points. DISTINGUISHED PISTOL SHOT You've earned at least 30 credit points by demonstrating incredible pistol skills in competition. Once earned, these badges may be worn for the duration of a soldier's military career. ! PRESIDENT'S HUNDRED PRESIDENT'S HUNDRED Way to go - you're one of the top 100 pistol or rifle competitors nationwide. INTERSERVICE COMPETITION BADGE You're one of the top shooters among the nation's military branches – and civilians. SOLDIER'S MEDAL You've earned the highest medal of valor that can be achieved outside of combat. ARMY ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL It might not be an Army Commendation Medal, but it's nothing to sneeze at! You've earned this for either a single amazing act or consistently demonstrating your merit. PRISONER OF WAR MEDAL You've been through one intense training experience! This medal is for those who have been captured as prisoners of war. PURPLE HEART Get well soon! You've earned this badge after being wounded (if you're lucky) or killed (if you're not) while serving your country. Don't expect to earn these badges before you finish basic – unless your base is attacked before training is complete. ! LEVELING UP: AN UNUSUAL MEDAL ANTARCTICA SERVICE MEDAL Brrr! You've spent at least 15-30 days stationed on Antarctica. Spend an extended time in service there, and you'll start earning 'Wintered Over' bars. MAKING THE GRADE: ARMY RANKS Enlisted Warrant Officer Officer PAY GRADE No Insignia PRIVATE · PVT WARRANT OFFICER, ONE WO1 SECOND LIEUTENANT 2LT TITLE PRIVATE · PV2 CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER, TWO · WO2 FIRST LIEUTENANT 1LT PRIVATE FIRST CLASS PFC CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER, THREE WO3 CAPTAIN · CPT SPECIALIST · SPC CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER, FOUR WO4 MAJOR · MAJ CORPORAL · CPL SERGEANT · SGT CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER, FIVE WO5 LIEUTENANT COLONEL LTC STAFF SERGEANT SG COLONEL · COL BRIGADIER GENERAL BG SERGEANT FIRST CLASS · SFC MAJOR GENERAL MG MASTER SERGEANT MSG FIRST SERGEANT 1SG ☆☆☆ LIEUTENANT GENERAL LTG SERGEANT MAJOR SGM COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR · CSM SERGEANT MAJOR OF THE ARMY SMA GENERAL · GEN ! All Officers outrank those who are Enlisted – but a fresh Officer would be foolish to pull rank on a seasoned Enlist. AUDIE L. MURPHY: MOST DECORATED Audie Murphy has the distinction of being the most decorated soldier– earning military commendations at home and from ally nations abroad. Awards 1. Medal of Honor 6. Purple Heart 7. French Legion of Honor 8. French Croix de guerre 9. French Fourragère 10. Combat Infantryman Badge 2. Distinguished Service Cross 3. Silver Star 4. Legion of Merit 5. Bronze Star Other Awards Outstanding Civilian Service Award Army of Occupation Medal Armed Forces Reserve Good Conduct Medal Medal Medal of Liberated France Belgian Croix de guerre Marksman Badge (Rifle Component Bar) Expert Badge (Bayonet Component Bar) Presidential Unit Citation American Campaign Medal European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal World War II Victory Medal WILLIAM D. HAWKINS: ONE MAN ARMY William Hawkins performed an exceptional feat in order to earn his Medal of Honor clearing out multiple enemy camps and giving his life to his country in the process. 1.5 In one and a half days, he cleared out six Japanese machine gun nests. DAYS These nests were about the size of a large garbage can, some made of steel 6 inches thick. Enemy soldiers could pop into one from underground, and fire their machine gun through a 4 inch slit. EX EXEXEX EXXEX Hawkins singlehandedly defeated 7 of these "pillbox" nests, and 1 canon blockhouse while he had been injured. He later refused to leave combat for medical treatment. He went on to destroy three more pillboxes before being fatally wounded (as he launched a grenade at another one). "I would put my platoon of 40 men against any company of 150 men on Earth and guarantee to win." VERSUS - Lt. Willam D. Hawkins 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5 0-6 0-7 0-8 0-10 w.2 W-3 W-4 W-5 ATIATA Ез E-4 E-5 WEAPONS QUALIFICATION QUALIFICATION BARS PT BASIC COMPETITION MERIT & VALOR COMBAT SOURCES

Achievement Unlocked: US Army

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At first glance, it might not seem as though gamers and members of the military have much in common. Probably not on second glance either. But they do have one thing in common - a hunger for challenge...


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