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7 Ways to Save Gas This Winter

SEVEN WAYS TO SAVE GAS THIS WINTER In winter, cold temperatures, snowy roads and different fuel blends mean your car needs more gas to get where it's going. Here's how to beat the winter gas-sapping blues. KEEP IT CLEAN LIGHTEN UP Ski racks, sandbags, and other winter accessories can make your car guzzle more gas. Use only when necessary. o Brush and scrape all ice and snow-yes, even that big mound on top-off your car to eliminate drag and extra weight. o WARM UP ON THE GO Even in winter, it's better for your engine to warm up while driving, not standing still in the driveway. IDLE LESS It may be tempting to keep the car heater running while waiting for your latte, but idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more than restarting. SLOW DOWN, SPEED DEMON CHECK, CHECK, TIRE CHECK Take a pledge to stop idling (and get a free bumper sticker!) at Under-inflated tires increase resistance Most cars reach peak efficiency at 60 mph; slowing down even a few miles per hour saves gas-and it's and make your car work harder. Tires lose 1 pound of pressure for every 10°F drop in temperature so keeping them properly inflated is even more important in cold months. BONUS TIP: Use your own tire gauge-gauges at gas stations can be inaccurate. safer too! SAVE ERRANDS FOR DRY DAYS Wet, sloppy roads make your car work harder; planning errands for clear days will save gas, and you'll be less Likely to run into weather-related traffic jams. bonus tip: Going to your furthest destination first will allow your engine to fully warm up and make it more efficient all day. ALL-WEATHER GAS-SAVING TIPS No matter the temperature, driving at steady speeds, accelerating and braking gently, and minimizing idling will help max out your fuel economy. SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG SOURCES: SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA- gas-mileage-in-winter-and-what-to-do-about-it.html

7 Ways to Save Gas This Winter

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Have you ever noticed that your car gets lower gas mileage in winter? It’s sad but true —But the good news is that there are strategies to freeze out winter’s gas-leaching ways, and they’re al...




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