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7 Surprising Facts About Energy Efficiency

Seven amazing facts about energy efficiency .... that energy efficient investments have cut United States energy consumption in half from 1970 to 2008– from 18,000 Btus to about 8,900 Btus (as measured per dollar of economic output). In one year alone such investments are estimated to have generated approximately 1.7 quads of energy savings. . that U.S. energy consumption could be cut 11% by 2020 through building efficiency measures like more efficient lighting, water heating, and appliances. Medium-sized retail buildings could save as much as 50%. .... that sales of Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent lights (CFLS) nearly doubled last year. 290 million CFLS (which use approximately 75% less energy) were sold in 2007 and account for over 20% of the U.S. market. 18,000 Btus 11% savings 75% savings 8,900 Btus Kwh that U.S. electric power sector efficiency improvements could save 7 to 11% in reduced power needs – like increasing the ratio of advanced meters (which has now reached 4.7% vs. less than 1% in 2006). . that if Americans increased their use of public transit to the same rate as Europeans - for roughly 10% of their daily travel needs – the U.S. could reduce dependence on imported oil by more than 40%. .... that registrations of new hybrid vehicles rose 38% in 2007, and should become 5.3% of all car sales by 2012. If the U.S. switched to hybrid and all electric vehicles, it could cut gasoline use in half by 2035. that global sales of fuel cells rose 10% last year, and nine million tons of hydrogen were consumed in the U.S. GM plans to have 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road in California by 2014. 7 to 11% 40% 38% increase 10% increase savings savings Source: MNN HOLDINGS, LLC

7 Surprising Facts About Energy Efficiency

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There’s no doubt that energy efficiency and conservation is becoming increasingly popular and more of a priority both for individuals, corporations, and nations. Over the past few years, some surpri...


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