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The 6 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Night and Morning

THE 6 SMARTEST THINGS YOU CAN DO EVERY NIGHT AND MORNING NIGHT Want to have a great tomorrow? Start tonight with rituals to free your mind, cleanse your spirit and organize your business and life. Make a "Night Before List" Chris Brogan, founder of Human Business Works, provides an interesting twist to the traditional to-do list: a powerful, five-part preparation template you should adopt every night. Tomorrow, I'm going to To be ready, I need to I will remember my The random thoughts that just filled my head are Also remember to Set Your Clothes Out for Tomorrow If your exercise routine is in the morning, set your gear out the night before. You're more likely to get into your sneakers and leave the house if your work clothes and everything you will need is ready. Chances are, you may have done this when you were younger, but you let the routine slip. Forgive Yourself Benjamin Franklin had a habit of examining his day as one of the last items he did in a very productive schedule. Do the same to not only pat yourself on the back for anything you accomplished, but also to forgive yourself for any mistakes you made, or problems you caused. Think of what you learned from what happened, capture the lesson and let go of the bad feeling. MORNING These rise-and-shine tips will help get you going in the morning, and keep you productive all day. Do Something for Yourself Whether it's exercising, meditating or even just taking a really long, energizing shower, some type of activity that feeds you and centers you is a smart way to start the day. It's amazing how solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable when you're sitting at your desk can suddenly present themselves when you're not thinking about them. Have a Routine Having a routine helps you auto-pilot yourself through the basic tasks of the morning (what to eat, what to wear) before you really dig into the tough stuff. President Obama famously told Vanity Fair he only wears blue or gray suits. Why? It saves time and energy-instead of making decisions about what to wear, he saves his brainpower for important decisions. 3 Start With Something Big... or Small There are two schools of thought about getting started on your to-do list. One approach says start with the biggest, most important must-do of the day. The other advises you to start with a few quick tasks you can quickly check off your list to gain a feeling of accomplishment. OR PUBLISHED ON OPENFORUM.COM OPEN forum DESIGN BY PAPERCUT.FR AMERKM TEXT BY BRUNA MARTINUZI AND RIEVA LESONSKY ....

The 6 Smartest Things You Can Do Every Night and Morning

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The key to productivity is creating a routine. Follow these bedtime habits and pre-work rituals to get the most out of your days.




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