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52 Reasons to be Active in 2014

52 REASONS TO BE ACTIVE IN 2014 PARTICIPACTION 3. An active lifestyle 4. Reduces 2. 1. Physical activity leads to better health Being active helps us make = more FUN! new friends the risk of heart disease 6. Physical activity promotes healthy circulation 5. An active lifestyle reduces the risk for many types of cancer The more we 10. Exercise helps improve our 11. Those who are obese but fit, are 2 X LESS LIKELY TO DIE of cardiovascular disease posture than those who are thin body, mind and spirit 7. Physical activity makes us happier 8. do it, the greater the benefits 9. Increased confidence! 15. Physical activity 12. An active lifestyle helps keep us young in 13. Better sleep 'A+ reduces the risk of premature death (now, that sounds good!) 14. An active lifestyle RELIEVES STRESS but inactive 17. ACTIVE KIDS GET 16. Regular physical activity can help us look better in and out of our clothes BETTER GRADES 19. WEIGHT TRAINING BUILDS STRONGER 18. HELPS IMPROVE MUSCLE TONE MUSCLES AND 20. BEING ACTIVE CAN HELP US RETAIN FLEXIBILITY AND IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION CONNECTIVE TISSUES WHILE INCREASING JOINT STABILITY 21. 22. EXERCISE CAN HELP TO 27. EXERCISE IMPROVES MANAGE AND PREVENT PAIN COORDINATION 28. HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BURNS CALORIES 26. Regular exercise 25. 24. Can assist Exercise helps with weight loss and CONNECTIVE TISSUES 23. Be an active role model promotes 29. CAN BE AS EFFECTIVE IN MANAGE better balance ANXIETY THE TREATMENT OF MILD TO MODERATE DEPRESSION AS weight maintenance MEDICATION 30. WEIGHT BEARING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 33. If you increase your 34. Active transportation HELPS REDUCE THE RISK OF OSTEOPOROSIS 32. BE ACTIVE AND lean muscle mass, you'll (i.e. walking and cycling) 31. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY CAN ASSIST N THE MAINTENANCE OF HEALTHY BLODE FEEL BETTER PHYSICALLY AND metabolism which MENTALLY increase your resting is good for the environment PRESSURE AND CHOLESTEROL 36. OUTDOOR ACTIVITY RECONNECTS US WITH NATURE means burning more calories, even at rest 35. Active transportation can save you money $$$ 37. Regular physical activity can enhance 38. Physical activity brings us your sex life 39. Active transportation is a great way to get to know your community 41. 40. Regular physical activity You'll have more can improve overall athletic performance closer to those we enjoy it with ENERGY 42. An active lifestyle is a privilege, 43. WEIGHT TRAINING CAN INCREASE for everyday 45. ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION not a punishment. Exercise is a great way to thank your body for all it does GLUCOSE UTILIZATION AND REDUCE THE 44. REGULAR IS OFTEN FASTER THAN EXERCISE RISK OF DEVELOPING DIABETES activities 46. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS A GREAT WAY TO BLOW OFF STEAM. DRIVING OR PUBLIC CAN ENHANCE 48. WALKING IS UNDER-VALUED BUT IT'S 47. IT'S A GREAT WAY TO SELF-ESTEEM TRANSPORTATION LIKELY THE BEST THING MOST CANADIANS CAN DO TO IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH 49. PARTICIPATION IN GROUP DON'T GET ENJOY SOME ANGRY OR EVEN...GET ACTIVE! ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS FOSTERS A "ME" TIME! i A a G Y a * SENSE OF COMMUNITY AND BELONGING 52. IT'S PERSONAL! THERE'S 50. DISCOVER 51. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO GET STARTED NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO BE ACTIVE... DO WHAT YOU ENJOY! SOME NEW - TODAY COULD BE YOUR DAY! INTERESTS For more tips and ideas from our Active Living Ambassador, Catherine Cameron, visit

52 Reasons to be Active in 2014

shared by ParticipACTION on Mar 24
Having trouble with your New Year's Resolution? Check out these 52 Reasons to be Active in 2014.




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