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5 Weird and Wonderful Wills

Weird & Wonderful Wills Over the centuries there have been numerous bizarre wills that have come to the attention of the masses; some as a result of the individual's own fame, while others for their sheer eccentricity. 1 1 Jeremy Bentham to 1832 1748 In Georgian times, Jeremy Bentham was acclaimed as one of England's leading lawyers, philosophers and social reformers. On his death, Bentham's body was embalmed, A stuffed with hay, dressed and then placed in a chair, as per his Will's instructions. Today, Bentham's body is displayed in a glass case at University College London. 2 John Bowman to 1891 1816 Bowman's fervent belief in reincarnation drove him to leave a trust worth $50,000 for his afterlife along with his wife and daughters. The trust paid to maintain his mansion, and for the servants to serve dinner each night on the off chance that the family were hungry when they came back from beyond the grave. This continued until 1950 when the trust had run dry. 3 3 Robert Louis Stevenson to 1894 1850 Author of Treasure Island, Stevenson decided not to leave money or property to loved ones, but something far closer to him. On his death he gave his birthday. To his friend Annie H. Ide, whose birthday fell on Christmas day and who had confided in Stevenson that she felt cheated out of a real birthday; he left his own birthday of November 13. 4 John B Kelly to 1960 1816 Father of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, Kelly left his vast fortune to his daughters while to his sons in law he left nothing, only stating: "I don't want to give the impression that I am against sons-in-law. If they are the right type, they will provide for themselves and their families, and what I am able to give my daughters will help pay the $ dress shop bills which, if they continue as they started out, under the able tutelage of their mother, will be quite considerable." 5 Jack Benny to 1974 1894 Before passing away in October 1974 following a battle with pancreatic cancer, the famous comedian Jack Benny made one final, and lasting romantic gesture for his wife of 47 years, Mary. Benny left a large sum of money to the local florist, in the assurance that one long-stemmed red rose be delivered to Mary everyday for the rest of her life. Sources slaterheelis SOLICITORS %24

5 Weird and Wonderful Wills

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An infographic from Slater Heelis included a collection of their five favourite weird and wonderful wills.


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