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5 Things You Must Know When Shopping On Google

5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW WHEN SHOPPING ON GOOGLE: I CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE Amount you lose when you don't click on Google ads: £4 - £74 per item How far you should look on Google search results: As far as the 4th page Lower prices on average than organically ranked sites E More relevant results on ads than organic WHO'S PAYING Shop for Panasonic TX-42A4008 on Google Spo TA-42A40OB C34 ADS Pananonic IKA Para Panasonic TX-42A400 E349 Sponsored links Tено Cena Vey e201 Ra Panasonic TX4ZA400- Buying Viers TX4ZA40 ***ng un Brands pay per dick e Don soanvenance n Rangs Seleon Curysc ware nas on enca Viri uc aaan er c27 - TX-42A4000 TV YPANASONIC VIERA TX-42A4008 42 LE www.msco Te s een C329 TK42A40OS www. LED Cempan om 2 VIERA TR y Panasonic VIERA TX42A400-Richer Sounds www nsom on aat **** Rang Panasonic T-42a4000 Gea V eeeve s Paso A Panasonic TX-42A4008 42-inch Wideseeen 1080p Full HD. ww . T TX42A40OB C349.99 ORGANIC Algorithmic Brands don't pay for placement WHERE TO CLICK Q 17% Organic Listings ORGANIC SITES ARENT CHEAPER O Overall most traffic goes to organic O Cicks are free for brands O Prices are £4-£74 higher WHERE ARE THE BEST DEALS? ADS TEND TO HAVE THE BEST DEALS O Only get about 30% of total dicks O Brands pay for placement O 42% Sponsored Listings O Prices are 1%-14% lower on avg. HOW FAR TO GO Keep Searching . Ist Poge 2nd Poge 3rd Poge 4th Poge SEARCHING DEEPER STAYING ON PAGE 1 Find better deals 33% of the time Requires just a bit more time Go till the 4th page of search results Only 24% of items showed best deals on the first poge itself WHAT'S RELEVANT RELEVANT ADS IRRELEVANT ADS るらる るる るる の 83% 17% RELEVANT ORGANIC IRRELEVANT ORGANIC 69% 31% るる るらら ら 666 の ADVICE FOR GREATER CHOICE FOR FAIR COMPARISONS INCLUDE SHIPPING & HANDLING COSTS IN TOTAL TRY SHOPPING SEARCH FOR PEACE OF MIND FOR RELIABILITY CHECK WARRANTY PERIOD & USE SECURE SITES & GUARANTEE / SUPPORT OFFER CALL YOUR BANK IF IN DOUBT FOR MORE INFO, VISIT: A PROJECT BY: ABOUT ACCURACAST London's leading search marketing agency, Accura Cast consults brands on ways to reach their target market more effectively online. AccuraCast

5 Things You Must Know When Shopping On Google

shared by AccuraCast on Sep 29
When shopping for your favourite products using Google, do you the take time to search further than the first page of results? Would you be less tempted to click on sponsored links rather than organic...




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