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5 Questions to Instantly Transform Your Family Relationships

5 QUESTIONS TO ASK AT- THE DINNER TABLE Nothing makes us happier than the strength of our human relationships. But what's a quick and effective way to make sure our relationships with our closest people (our families) stay strong? This infographic is based on a signature technique from Anil Gupta, a world-renowned relationships expert. It's a simple series of 5 questions to ask around the dinner table. The exercise creates the space necessary for acknowledgement, gratitude, and discussion, while maintaining love and respect for one another. Members of the family go in a circle taking turns to answer each question. Try it out with your family, you can use all five or just start with one question. What is it you've done today that you'd like to be acknowledged for? This question is wonderful for kids and adults alike. It helps us feel appreciated and helps us recognise each other. With children, it's a great way to help boost their self-esteem. What are you grateful for today? 2 Showing gratitude has profound effects on mental well-being. It increases self-esteem, improves your sleep, and increases energy levels. When you constantly show your appreciation and gratitude, you find more good things fall onto your lap. What act of 3 kindness did you see / perform today? By asking this question, you're asking your children to be aware of the beauty in the world. You're also teaching them to be consciously kind to others and to see kindness as a natural way of being. What was great about today? What magical thing did you see? Allowing someone to talk about something that made them really happy lets them know that you're interested and involved in their life. It also increases happiness levels by getting you focused on positive things. What unresolved issues do we need to talk about? Opening up the discussion to unresolved issues reinforces open communication, transparency and candor. It prevents resentment from building up over time between family members and creates a clear space for love and understanding. Take turns leading the meeting each day so that each person gets to feel important, respected, loved, listened to, and acknowledged. Anil Gupta says that it's important to also let your kids run the meeting. Imagine what it does for the self-esteem and confidence of a young child when they get to lead dinner table meetings with their parents. Asking the right questions while being present and aware makes a huge impact in our lives and the lives of our children and it creates happier families. You can start with any number of these questions. Choose the ones that resonate with you and your family best. Anil Gupta, a relationships Expert developed a beautiful system called 5 Questions at the Dinner Table which works to create healthy lines of communication in any relationships, whether it's with your kids, your parents, your spouse, and even your colleagues at work. These questions can immediately impact your life by enhancing the quality of your relationship with literally anyone by moving them and inspiring them in such a beautiful and peaceful way. mindvalley

5 Questions to Instantly Transform Your Family Relationships

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The strength of our relationships is one of the biggest parts of happiness. Many people don't realise that open communication is foundation of all healthy relationships. Here are 5 questions that you ...




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