42: Life, The Universe, & Everything - A Towel Day Infographic

THE ANSWER TO LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING DON'T PANIC 42 USE A TOWEL IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE TOWEL DAY THIS YEAR! If you've read the book, chances are you're familiar with "Deep Thought's" answer to life'- 42. Geeks near and.far have spent years trying to ascribe some deep symbolic the number ànd its occurrences. THE GEEKS DID NOT FAIL - HERE ARE 12 FACTS SIGNIFICANT TO THE NUMBER 42. The most valuable * THEODORE ROOSEVELT book in the world THE GUTENBERG BIBLE The youngest President of the United States, was 42 when he was elected. has 42 lines per page. On page 42 of Harty Potter AND THE 42 PHILOSOPHER'S STONE Harry discovers he's a WIZARD. CRICKET BUZZ LIGHTYEAR has 42 laws. the Toy Story star, has a spaceship named 42. km THE DOCTOR WHO Mungo Jerry's 1970 hit, POLICE PUBLIC BOX 42:195 IN THE SUMMERTIME written by Ray Dorset, has a tempo of 42 beats per episode entitled "42" lasts for 42 minutes. A MARATHON COURSE minute. is 42km and 195m. FOX MULDER'S MA'AT OIL There are 42 principles to the ancient Egyptian law, Ma'at, the physical apartment in the US TV series The X Files was and moral law of number 42. örder and truth. There are 42 US gallons in a barrel of oil. WHERE IS YOUR TOWEL ON SATURDAY MAY 25? Created by lemonly Sources

42: Life, The Universe, & Everything - A Towel Day Infographic

shared by Lemonly on May 22
Calling all geeks! If you're a Douglas Adams fan, you know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Our resident Adams fan, Ana, decided to design an infographic all about 12 signi...




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