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21 basic wilderness survival skills that might save your life

21 Wilderness Survival skills MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE Approximately 50% of US residents involved in outdoor activities in 2014 Cool Fact For each 100,000 outdoor attempts, o.26 deaths occurred. Might you be one of them Learn and Practice Basic Survival Skills below Pack All Necessary Items Don't leave anything important behind. Make sure your backpack carries everything you need. Rational Priotization Stay calm and think rationally. Take the best move that will keep you alive. Most professionals recommend that you to apply the S.T.O.P methodology. Always Be observant Look around you. Being observant is key when facing unpredictable situations. Forecasting Weather Forecasting weather gives you an early advantage to prepare accordingly (especially true during winter). Building Fire Locating Campsite Starts a fire with flint, tinder A great campsite sets a good foundation for surviving in and kindling. Fire keeps you warm and safe. the woods. Building Shelter Useful skill when you don't have a tent or sleeping bag with you. Collect Clean Water Don't just drink water from the lake. Boil them to kill microorganisms. Identifying edible plants Edible plants are probably the most convenient food source you can ever find in the wilderness. Hunting skills Crafting Equipments Basic equipment such as sharp wooden sticks will keep you safe from dangerous creatures. Being able to hunt ensures a constant supply of meat (main source of protein). Finding your way out Cooking food Move along the riverbank moving down the stream if you do not have a map and a compass with you. Never consume raw food. Always cook them over a fire before consumption. This ensures that the food is free from bacteria. Creating a compass Don't have a compass? Create one. Things needed to create a simple bush compass are a needle, a magnet and a cloth. Navigating based on sky signals Be well-versed in the art of astronomy as directions are able to be determined based on the Sun, the moon and constellations. Signaling for help Locate yourself at a wide and empty area. Create smoke by starting a campfire if you do not have torch lights or flare guns. Hiking skills Hiking skills are crucial as it improves your mobility. Tie Essential Knots Swimming Tying basic knots will help you in almost all conditions. According to CDC, more Bowline, Boa and Taut Line are than 3400 drown in three basic knots to master. United State each year. Basic First Aid Treatments Being able to perform basic first aid treatments makes a big difference in crucial times. Thousands of people are dying each year in situations where first aid could have save them. Basic Sign Language The second best way to communicate is through body/sign language. Brought to you by with the help of Sources Epic Wilderness Thriving Outdoor Blog aid-costs-lives.aspx know BASIC

21 basic wilderness survival skills that might save your life

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A neat compilation of the most important basic survival skills that every outdoor enthusiastic should have.


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