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20 Tips To Skyrocket Your Confidence

20 TIPS TO: SKYROCKET YOUR CONFIDENCE SELF CONFIDENCE 1 JUST SAY YES! GET TO KNOW YOURSELF It can be easy to fall into a routine and palm off other plans to suit this. Next time you are invited to an event or night out, break the routine, throw caution to the Making a list of your interests, passions and beliefs can help to explore who you are as a person - knowing what you stand for is vital for self wind and just say yes! assurance. 3. SING WHEN YOU WIN Often we can let big wins in life just come and go, however, next time you achieve something big or small, take time to properly appreciate it and recognise how your actions led to this result. YES! 4 JUMP IN THE DEEP END Everybody has something that they've wanted to do but could never find "the right time". The perfect time doesn't exist and never will so take the plunge now! ACTING CONFIDENT 5. STAND UP STRAIGHT 6. FAKE IT! Make a conscious effort to stand What do people that you or sit up tall and put your consider to be confident do? shoulders back in order to look Take these features and start to integrate them into your own life and actions. and feel more self-assured. Little things can make a huge difference. 7 YOU ARE CONFIDENT Confidence is not black and white - think back to times when you have shown confidence and familiarise yourself with what you did and why you felt this way to translate to other situations. 8. LAUGH AT YOURSELF If you find yourself getting frustrated at mistakes, try simply laughing them off. Being able to dismiss small errors can boost your confidence and shows self-assurance. BODY CONFIDENCE 6. LIFE IS NOT FILTERED (10 FIND A DIFFERENT Realise that pictures of celebrities or on social media PERSPECTIVE Next time you find yourself criticising your body, change your perspective and focus on what you like about yourself and why. Challenging negative thoughts with positivity can grow your confidence. are an edited, unrealistic snapshot - not real life. Photoshop and filters create illusions about body image that should not be humoured. (11) GET ACTIVE Exercising isn't necessarily about losing weight or toning up, but rather recognising the ability of your body and becoming familiar and comfortable with using it so get out there! (12) LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD Looking after your body and looking good indicates to yourself that you respect your body and are proud of it, so pamper yourself and dress in your best! CONFIDENCE AT WORK (13) MAKE HARD TASKS (14) ASK QUESTIONS If you're finding a task difficult don't struggle in silence. Ask your boss or colleague to help you work through the task and understand it so you can work to your full ability. ΜΑNAGEABLE Large, difficult jobs can be daunting - breaking down tasks into several, smaller goals will make them more manageable and help you conquer any task no matter how big! (15) SPEAK SLOWLY When giving presentations people tend to rush because they are nervous. Taking a deep breath between key points and slowing down speech shows confidence and ability. (16) SHARE YOUR IDEAS Next time a great idea pops into your head make sure to let others know. Sharing and building on your own ideas can be hugely rewarding so it's time to bite the bullet! SOCIAL CONFIDENCE 17) LOST FOR WORDS? (18) MAKE THINGS HAPPEN Asking people questions about themselves is a great way to start a conversation and bring up new topics of discussion to keep it flowing - meaning you need not worry about awkward silences. Rather than sulking about having nothing to do take it upon yourself to organise something with your friends. They will appreciate your effort and it also gives you plans to get excited about! (19) ALL IN THE SAME BOAT If you are self-conscious in social situations, remind yourself that everybody is at the centre of their own world - each with their own worries and fears. You are not alone! (20 YOU ARE UNIQUE! Feeling insecure? Take note of the qualities that you feel define you and what makes you unique - don't confine yourself to others expectations of you. Sources: ♡ MyBreast + ro メメ

20 Tips To Skyrocket Your Confidence

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MyBreast have taken a pragmatic approach to improving confidence in every aspect of your life with 20 great tips!


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