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16 Personality Types and Dating

16 Personality Types & Dating The Designer T am... 65% The ENTP Sexual Ahout I'm an outspoken individual. I'm resourceful in solving problems and challenging myself to find new solutions. I'm very good at reading people and I bore of a routine easily. I'm always figuring out how to do things in different ways. 10% rowantic 25% Lovable me Ideal zodiac watches Aries Virgo Gemini Libra Biggest Strength Seeking Ideal Date Actinily Careers psychologist, entrepreneur, consultant, marketing new friends, casual sexual Avoid! let's try something new together cleverness encounter Leo Scorpio Capricom Aquarius Intellectital 40% OThe am... INTJ I have a lot of drive and when I have my mind set on something I pursue it actively. I'm very independent and I hold myself - and my peers - to a high standard of competence and performance. I'm very goal oriented and when I start something I like, I follow through with it. lovable About 35% romantic 0/% 25% sexual me Ideal zodiąc matches Virgo Pisces Sagittarius Ideal Date Activity Biggest Strength Careers Seeking long-term dating scientist, Avoid! board games, trivia, video games, anything strategy engineer, college professor, lawyer Self Capricorn Taurus Cancer confidence Director I am.. 75% The ENTJ Sexual I'm frank, decisive and ready to lead in any situation. I like to find problems in processes and fix them. I like to make goals for myself and plan far out in advance for anything I do. I am always looking to expand my knowledge. I enjoy reading and being well informed. I like to be in-control of situations. O About 20% Yomantic 5% Lovable me Ideal zodiąc matches Virgo Psces Sapittarius Bagsest Strength Ideal Date Activity Careers Seeking military business. casual sexual Avoid! encounter being dominant paint ball, outdoor and ability to take charge adventure, rock climbing, etc. education, or government Capricom Taurus Cancer Deriser The. I am.. 50% INTP lovable O About I'm pretty quiet and contained. I like developing logical explanations for everything that interests me. I'm flexible and adaptable. I can be skeptical and sometimes critical and I'm always analyzing. I'm very attentive and and I like to make people happy. 35% Yomantic 15% sexual me Ideal zodiąc matches Virgo Pisces Sattarius Biggest Strength Ideal Date Actinty Careers Seking scientist, lawyer. photographer, programmer, engineer long-term dating Avoid! risk, bridge. stretego, chess, go. and word games problem Capricom Taurus Cancer solving Anditor The I am. 55% ISTJ lovable 9 About I'm quiet, serious, and realistic. I like having an organized home, schedule, and life. I'm very practical and, when I meet that special someone, I am loyal to the end. 30 romantic 15% sexual me Ideal zodiąc matches Capricom Taurus Cancer Biggest Strength Idea Date Activity Careers Seeking long-term dating accounting, Avoid! civil chess, trivial pursuit, computer games, or golf dependability engineering, law, production and office work Virgo Pisces Sagittarius I am. 60% Romantic The Deferder ISFJ O About I'm quite, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. I like to think about others, a lot of times, before myself. I like to make everyone around me happy. I'm sensitive and lI'm looking to establish a deep bond with someone special. 20% Sexual 20% Lovable me Ideal zodiąc matches Capricom Taurus Cancer Seeking Biggest Strength Ideal Date Actinity Careers teacher, social worker, nurse, and general practice medicine long-term dating Avoid! always helping others first whatever I want to do Virgo Pisces Sagittarius I am... Manager 70% The ESTJ Lovable O About I'm practical and realistic, I'm decisive and goal oriented. I like routine and paying attention to details in my work and home life. I can be a little forceful when I get my mind around some- thing and I like doing things my way. 20% Romantic 10% Sexual me Ideal zodiąe watches Capricom Taurus Cancer Biggest Strength Seeking Ideal Date Actinity Careers teacher, banker, political office, and any type of management long-term dating Avoid! comedy club, independent film, fair or festival responsible Virgo Pisces Sagittarius The Contributon I am... 55% ESFJ Romantic I'm warm-hearted, conscientious and cooperative. I like harmonious environments and I work hard to avoid arguments with people. I like to work in a team environment and I'm loyal to the people in my life. l'm always there to help others. O About 35% Sexual 10% Lovable me Ideal zodiąc matches Capricom Taurus Cancer Biggest Strength Ideal Date Actinity Seeking Careers medical field, teaching, preaching. coaching, and education short-term dating, casual sexual Avoid! intimate massage, romantic dinners, and sports game admirable Virgo Pisces Sagittarius encounter The I am... 60% Romantic Entertainen ESFP I'm outgoing, friendly and an exuberant lover of life. I'm all about being a team player and I like working with other people to achieve a goal. I like to meet new people and be around the action. I like experiencing new activities with friends. O About 20% Sexual 20% Lovable me Ideal zodiąc matches Leo Scorpio Aguarius Biggest Strength Ideal Date Activity Careers Seeking artist, actor, childcare profession, fashion design, consultant casual sexual Avoid! encounter club, local party bar, dinner at a new restaurant being the life of Virgo Libra Aries Gemini the party Chameleon I am... 60% The ISFP Sexual About I'm quiet, friendly and sensitive. I like having my space and I like working on my own schedule. I dislike disagreements and conflicts. Sometimes I can be emotionally distant and I don't like jumping right into commitment. I like having fun and freedom. O 25% Romantic 15% Lovable me Ideal zodiąc watches Leo Seampio Aquarins Bigsest Strength Idea Date Actinity Careers Seeking actor, professional sports, dancer, performer, musician casual sexual encounter, short-term dating Avoid! shopping for latest fashions, anything unique and fresh charm Virgo Pisces Sagittarius Showman The I am... 50% ESTP Sexual O About I'm spontaneous and active. I like to act on my impulses and l'm a thrill seeker. I enjoy doing activities with other people and spending time being social. I learn best through doing and I'm all about non-commitment fun. 15% Romantic 35% Lovable me Ideal zodiac matches Leo Scorpio Aquarius Biggest Strength Idea Date Activity Careers Seeking casual sexual encounter entrepreneur, diplomat, marketing, detective. athlete Avoid! resourceful best restaurant in town, best night club, expensive bar Vingo Libra Aries Gemini The Inhovator I am... 40% ISTP Sexual O About I do not like any conflicts and I will never force my opinions or values on others. I can master any tool no matter how complicated it is. I like excitement and sometimes I can be a bit of a thrill 38 Lovable me Romantic seeker in my spare time. Ideal zodiąc matches Leo Scorpio Aquarins Biggest Strength Seeking Ideal Date Activity Careers mechanic, short-term engineer, skilled trade, Avoid! dating racing, skydiving, surfing, motorcycling, etc. adventurous paramedic, police officer Virgo Libra Aries Adubcate The I am. 40% Romantic ENFP About I'm an "idea" person and a "people" person. I'm very authentic and realistic but I enjoy spontaneous activities. I'm opinionated and I'm very enthusiastic and imaginative. I believe life is full of all kinds of possibilities and I want to explore those with friends. 30% Sexual 30% Lovable me Idedl zodiąc matches Virgo Lihra Aries Gemini Biggest Strength Ideal Date Actinity Seking Careers new friends, actor, teacher, politician, television, Avoid! short-term knowing how to trivia night, dinner motivate people dating Leo Scorpio Capricom Aquarins and dancing, artist, engineer, counselor concert The Confidant I am. Lovable 60% INFJ I'm seeking a meaningful connection with someone special. I like understanding what motivates people. I'm goal oriented and I'm committed to my values, but I'm also laid back and easy going. I believe in a mutual, beneficial relationship. O About 17% Romantic 23% Sexual me Ideal zodiac watches Virgo Libra Aries Gemini Idead Date Activty Seeking Biggest Strength Careers long-term dating, writing, counseling, public service short-term or politics Avoid! talking, debating, intimate dinner or communication, Leo Sconpio Capricorn Aquarins understanding dating walk in the park Editiator The I am. 50% Romantic ENFJ O About I'm very warm, empathetic, responsive and responsible. I'm good at reading emotions of other people and figuring out their needs. I take both praise and criticism well and I like being social-able and doing group activities. 15% Sexual 35% Lovable me Idegl zodiąc matches Virgo Libra Aries Gemini Begpest Strength Ided Date Activity Careers Seeking short-term charity concert or event, non-profit event, karaoke manager, event coordinator, dating, long-term dating Avoid! admirable human Leo Scorpio Capricorn Aquarins resource, teacher Helpen The I am. 55% INFP Lovable O About I'm calm and, at times, shy. I'm very loyal to those who are important to me. I'm curious and quick at implementing ideas. I like understanding people and helping them fulfill their potential. I'm adaptable and flexible, but don't try to make me change my values. 35% Romantic 10% Sekual me Idedl zodiąc watches Virgo Libra Aries Gemini Seeking Biggest Strength Ideal Date Actinty Careers new friends, long-term dating ministry. Avoid! missionary work, college teaching, psychology church, café for coffee, walk caring deeply Leo Scorpio Capricorn Agquarins through the park Sources Proudly provided hy Marketed by Web Talent Marketing CAREER Assessment SITE A Clear Path for the Future The views expressed in this infographic may not necessarily reflect that of other companies, websites, or entities.

16 Personality Types and Dating

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Quickly identify how your Myers-Briggs® personality type and then see how the zodiac signs line up! Learn a little more about yourself with this great infographic that brings it all together - idea...


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