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15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid

15TIME WASTERS YOU HAVE: Successful People AVOID 24 hours/day 1440minutes/day 86.400 seconds/day Time it's the only thing we all have in common, yet it's how we choose to spend it that defines and differentiates us as individuals. Time can only be invested, leveraged, or WASTED. Here are 15 things to avoid to maximize your day. 1. NOT LISTENING Failing to listen to dissenting opinions, new ideas, or sound counsel slows your learning and allows others to leave you in the dust. 2. NOT FINISHING The easiest way to measure how effec- tive someone is with their time is to mea- sure what they actually get done. Great people are always great finishers. 3. WORKING LATE Working consistently long hours numbs your mind, hurts your relationships, and stifles your creativity. It simply means you don't understand how to use your time well. 4. LACK OF FOCUS 3rd priority A lack of focus and shifting priorities will create unnecessary chaos in the life of any person looking for success. M 4th priority 5. BAD PLANNING the Plan Few things adversely impact productiv- ity like a lack of planning. Putting time into planning negates the need to waste time making adjustments down the road. Quick Facts: TOP TIME WASTING INDUSTRIES (Time Wasted per Day} 2.5 HOURS 2.8 2.2 HOURS HOURS HOURS HOURS PUBLIC ŠECTOR EDUCATION SOFTWARE & INTERNET INSURANCE RaD 6. TECHNOLOGY INTERRUPTIONS People who allow technology to control them as opposed to controlling the tech- nology have an addiction that needs a cure. Technology should be an asset, not a distraction. TO DO 7. INITIATIVE OVERLOAD Biting off more than you can chew is a sure way to over-complicate things in a completely unproductive fashion. 8. DRUP-IN-VISITS CAUTION It's one thing to have an open door policy, it's quite another to let unsched- uled interruptions derail your focus. If you don't respect your time, neither will anyone else. 9. BAD DELEGATION Leaders view delegation as proper align- ment of resourcing such that the best talent is matched with the greatest opportunities or the biggest challenges- nothing more, nothing less. IMPORTANT 10. POOR ORGANIZATION There is no excuse in today's world for any leader to have a lack of organiza- tional skills. If you're not organized, stop making excuses and get the help you need to solve the problem. Quick Facts: TOP SALARY WASTING STATES (dollars wasted p year} $28.1 BİLLION $25.1 BILLION $15.4 BILLION MISSOURI INDIANA KENTUCKY 11. PROCRASTINATION Real leaders don't avoid big issues, they hit them head-on. A proactive approach is almost always a better position to be in than finding yourself in a reactionary defensive posture. 12. IMPROPER USE OF "YES" & "NO" Using yes or no improperly simply because it's the easy thing to do is not good leadership. Real leaders understand that questions deserve more than an answer - they deserve the correct answer. 13. UNPRODUCTIVE MEETINGS Don't waste time by allowing yourself or others to be sequestered for hours of nonsense so that people who like to hear themselves speak are appeased. 14. NOT LEARNING If you don't continue to grow and develop how can you expect to make the most out of your time? Great leaders are always ahead of the curve by knowing in what and with whom they invest their time. 15. NOT ENGAGING You cannot leverage time in a vacuum. If you don't spend time in collaboration and dialog with others you will miss significant opportunities to leverage time. Time can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Leaders that understand how to use time to their advantage accomplish great things, and those who allow time to slip through their fingers don't. I must govern the clock, not be governed by it. - Golda Meir Sources: N2Growth Blog Sources: Davidson Sourcing A Project By: NGROWTH Your Future. Only Better." DOON

15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid

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Time. It's the only thing we all have in common, yet it's how we choose to spend it that defines and differentiates us as individuals. Time can be invested, leveraged, or WASTED. Here are 15 things to...






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