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15 Shocking Things Happening Every Minute

15 Shocking Things Happening Every Minute O 1 $3,137,187 are donated to charity every minute – that's a lot of selfless love! 00 Speaking of love, there are 2 59 weddings every minute 3 722,504 photos get taken – how many of those happen at the weddings, do you think? 257 children 4 are born – it would seem that some people skip the wedding... 5 48,000,000 telephone MOM... calls are made – and your mother complains you never call 6 150,184 presents are given - how many are you getting? 7 45,632 titers of wine are drunk – humanity sure can party At his top speed, Usain Bolt 637 meters 8 couldrun in one minute - let's see how he does after some of that wine! 9 14 meteors enter the Earth's atmosphere - trying to see if they're faster than Usain Bolt 1,500,000 people 10 have orgasms every minute – maybe we'll be looking at more kids in the future 11 1,875,000 people like something on Facebook – imagine getting all those notifications... 12 1 new articles W on Wikipedia every minute - how many edits, do you think? One person can have W 13 33 separate thoughts per minute – post them all to Wikipedia! 14 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube – 99 hours of cats You Tube 15 5 books are published every minute - speed-readers, you have a challenge! KNOW OF ANY OTHER CRAZY STATISTICS ABOUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD? LEAVE US A COMMENT, AND MAYBE YOU'LL BE IN THE NEXT INFOGRAPHIC! photos-have-ever-been-taken-5173 every-minute /article12754086/?page%3all population/ http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_number_of_mobile_phones_in_use users-leave-phone-minutes-check-150-times-day.html http://finances q896.html 149262 per_year REFERENCES:

15 Shocking Things Happening Every Minute

shared by Akaray on Oct 03
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Life happens in a minute – ever wondered what can happen in 60 short seconds? This infographic shows you 15 amazing things that happen every minute across the whole world. From liters of wine drunk ...


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