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11 House Share Hacks Every Student Needs To Know

11 HOUSE SHARE HACKS EVERY STUDENT NEEDS TO KNOW If there's one thing that most students have in common it's that they'll end up sharing a house, flat or halls of residence with others for at least three years. Whilst some will split off as couples in second and third years, this is only a minority and for the most, living with anything upwards of three others is commonplace. Sharing a house with others does have plus points but it also has negatives and in most cases, keeping peace in the household is a case of learning to compromise with others. There is, however, things which you can do as a group to make house sharing that little more enjoyable. HERE'S 11 HOUSE SHARE HACKS THAT EVERY STUDENT NEEDS TO KNOW: CHOOSE THE NUMBER OF HOUSEMATES CAREFULLY Whilst there's no'ideal' number of people to share a house with, there's a few rules to abide by: (A 1: Living on your own can get a little lonely at times. 2: Groups of two tend to create an awkward sense of dependency. 3: Three housemates can result in a feeling of 'ganging up'against one individual. 4 +: Mixed groups of four or more offer a great mix of personalities and generally work best. CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS WHEN DECIDING WHO TO LIVE WITH Living with course mates can work well when it Living with friends from other courses allows comes to helping out on essays, assignments and revision but it can end up being difficult to escape your course and studying. you to achieve a great balance between work and play and to mix with a wider group of individuals. Living with complete strangers can help you to broaden your horizons and mix with those who you may not normally come into contact with. DRAW UP A COOKING ROTA It may sound like something you see as a great idea at the start of the year and quickly forget about but drawing up a cooking rota really does work for a house's evening meal. Take it in turns to cook for the house and it creates a great social environment, saves waits for the kitchen and results in cheaper grocery bills as you're bulk buying! 4 SHOP AS A GROUP FOR MEALS & ESSENTIALS If drawing up a cooking rota, draw up a meal plan at the same time, order online from one of the main supermarkets offering home delivery and split the bill across the house. You'll only buy Too many student houses shop on an individual basis but this creates far more waste and overspending than if shopping as a group. what is needed for the meals. This leaves only lunches, snacks, Doing the same on essentials such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies also works brilliantly. treats and any other personal bits and pieces to buy individually. DRAW UP A WASHING UP ROTA No one likes doing the washing up but it is something which simply has to be done. If you're already doing a rota for the cooking, do the same for the washing up. Have one person wash up and one drying the dishes each meal time and it'll take no time at all to can even be a laugh! 6 CLEAN YOUR OWN ROOMS & ROTA THE REST Unlike cooking and doing the washing up, it can be a little difficult to do a rota for the cleaning of the whole house. What does work, though, is everyone cleaning their own personal space (bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms) and agreeing a rota for the rest. The rota approach really does work in a shared house ... it helps to avoid arguments and ensures everyone takes their turn. 7 SPLIT THE HOUSEHOLD BILLS EQUALLY Smaller households sometimes take one bill Whilst not usually something to worry about when living in all-inclusive accommodation, in many houses bills must be paid and the fairest way to do this is to split each one equally. each but this can quickly become unfair if there's a significant difference in cost. Setting up a joint bank account is also an option but this can be more hassle than it's worth in many instances. 8. DISCUSS MUSIC & NOISE ARRANGEMENTS No student likes setting 'rules' at the risk of being branded the parent of the group but it's important that everyone agrees on the arrangements for listening to music and making noise, especially after hours. Agree a curfew for noise such as listening to music and playing an instrument on an everyday basis (house parties, of course, are a different matter) and be courteous enough to stick to it. 11pm quiet times always work well for most. Similarly, if one housemate has a big day coming up, make sure everyone knows to keep it down a little more than usual! 9. SPEND TIME TOGETHER REGULARLY OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE As much as you'll often spend mealtimes and evenings together as a group, try to have regular nights out as a house. Getting away from the usual environment is a great way to keep up friendships and be able to forget about any 'issues' which have arisen in the house. At least once a fortnight is usually a great idea! 10 TALK TO EACH OTHER Perhaps the most important rule for avoiding arguments is to talk, talk and talk some more! It can be awkward to approach a situation with a member of the house who isn't pulling their weight but it has to be done. The longer it goes on for, the harder it gets. Having a chat as a group once a week on meal plans, rotas, bills and any other business helps to keep spirits high and issues at bay. 11 ENJOY YOUR PERSONAL SPACE As much as it's great living with a group of others and the time when most people make friends for life, it's important to take time out and enjoy your personal space. Living with friends is very different to living with family and there will be times when others' habits start to annoy you. Just because you live with others doesn't mean you have to spend all your time with them and spending time in your room can be just as enjoyable as sitting in the lounge with others. It's equally as important not to judge others who spend more time on their own than you do; remember everyone is different. BROUGHT TO YOU BY BELLVUESTUDENTS.CO.UK BELLVUE STUDENTS ELSET

11 House Share Hacks Every Student Needs To Know

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Almost all students will share a house with others at some point during their university career but with many moving away from home for the first time, it can be difficult to know how to make the most...


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